Five on Friday: 2/9/18

The Girl's Got Sole - Five on Friday

Happy Friday! It’s felt like one a long, rough week for me, and I couldn’t be happier that the weekend is right around the corner! That said, let’s do another Five on Friday post. 🙂

Battling my body. I’ve been feeling like I’m battling with my own body this week. Since Tuesday, I’ve had a flare up with awful exhaustion, body aches, mental fog, and just general cruddy feelings. As most know, I already deal with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, but my doctor is now looking into Fibromyalia. I’ve possibly got this auto-immune disease now as well. Unfortunately, once you have one autoimmune disease, the likeness of getting another one is high. I’ve got more blood work being ordered, but that rarely tells me anything less for that my levels “appear normal.” Gotta love that. That said, I’m fortunate that my doctor is listening to me how I feel.

The Girl's Got Sole - My help comes from the Lord

Refuse to give in. All of that said about my body giving me a battle, I still plan on doing my thing. I’ve got a life to live, half marathons to train for, general stuff to do besides laying in bed all day. I know I can’t do it alone, my strength comes from the Lord. I’m not asking Him to take away the exhaustion and pain (although, that would be great obviously), but I ask Him to help me deal with it. Because of His Strength, I can do all things through Christ.

Winter Olympics! The Winter Olympic Games have begun! I admit, I’m a bigger fan of the Summer Games, but I love watching the Olympics! It’s always so inspiring and motivational to see what these amazing athletes can do. The stories of where they came from, and how they have made it to the Games is also great. My favorite sports during the Winter Games are Figure Skating, Speed Skating, Luge, Bobsledding, and Curling.

The Girl's Got Sole - Toby bird

Toby the talker. I haven’t mentioned my parakeet Toby lately, but he is always at the forefront of my mind. After all, he is my baby. 🙂 He has become quite the talker and little entertainer. His vocabulary only seems to grow each day. His latest words/phrases include: silly bird, okay, mommy, what are you doing, and more. The little guy is so sweet and smart! Love him so much.

Spring Skirt Sports! The new Skirt Sports prints are out, and they are awesome. I have to choose carefully, because my spending money is tight right now. So, I’m looking at the Holiday Print, pretty sure a Gym Girl Ultra in that print will soon be mine. It’s just so awesome! If you want to get yourself some new Skirt Sports goodness, use my discount code 149GGS at checkout for 15% off.

The Girl's Got Sole - Skirt Sports

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