Five for Friday 5/20

Friday Five

Happy Friday! It’s my favorite day of the work week, mostly because I have the weekend off. Next Friday will be better, since it’s Memorial Day weekend, meaning a 3-day long one! Things have been okay lately, not great, but okay. I’m pushing through the rough days with my exhaustion and all. I know I can get through it with God’s help. All things are possible with God!

1. Galloway training season. It’s on the horizon! Our Fall training season kicks of on June 4th, which is just over two weeks away. While I don’t have any marathons set (yet anyway), I do have some Fall half marathons I’ll be training for. I’m excited about coming back to my 5th season with Orlando Galloway, and my third as a group leader. My running training group is awesome, and while the hot training runs can be brutal, they are the people, the friends that make it all worthwhile. I can’t recommend running with a group more, it’s really a great, fun time!

Galloway girls

With two of my fellow Galloway girls after a run.

2. Discount Codes page. I just added a page for current discount codes. I’ll post any discounts I have for running gear as well as races. Check it out, I’ll be sure to keep it updated regularly with any new discount codes that I am able to let you know about.

3. Team 413 GraceRunner Journey 2016. Each year, Team 413 does a 72-hour relay with the ambassadors to fund the ministry. It is being held Memorial Day weekend in Florida. Friends of Team 413 can support the amazing organization by signing up for the virtual event and/or by making a donation. Money raised goes to supporting operational funding, the Team 413 vehicle and internship. I will be running that weekend here in Central Florida myself as I have signed up for the virtual event. You can also sign up to run/walk for $25 per person or $40 including an exclusive GraceRunner tech shirt. If you register for the virtual event, you are also eligible for random prizes daily. Please do check it out and sign up or donate to the amazing cause if you are able.

Team 413

4. Be a BibRave Pro! You’ve seen some of the awesome things I’ve had a chance to be a part of being a BibRave Pro, want to join the fun? Ambassador applications are open right now for more Pros! Head over here to fill out the form to apply to join the team! It’s so much fun and the friends I’ve made are so awesome!


5. Weight Loss Update. I have been doing well with my eating for just over two weeks now. I’m logging my food again through MyFitnessPal going on 19 days. I feel a lot better overall, but the scale doesn’t seem to be budging. That said, I think feeling better and having my clothes feel a bit better again is also a success. I’m going to continue to work on losing 5-8lbs (8lbs would be ideal, as it would get me back to where I was about a year ago). It’s not an easy journey, but I don’t plan on giving up anytime soon. I’m a part of an online support group as well called Fit.Church and they are awesome. It’s a combination of spiritual and fitness healthy support. Let me know if you are interested in learning more about it, I will get you connected with the group.

Have a great weekend! Anyone running any races?
Or, any exciting things going on?

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