Five for Friday

1. I’m anxious to ride my bike. I haven’t ridden since Sunday when I did my fun neighborhood little adventure ride, so I’m antsy to get back in the saddle. I had planned to do that on Wednesday, but with National Running Day and all this rain we’ve been having, it just didn’t happen. I’m really hoping that I can get at least in one ride over the weekend.

2. Bob Harper DVDs arrived! I checked the mailbox on my way out to work and there they were! I’m excited and looking forward to doing the Inside Out Strength dvd this weekend. I know Bob is going to kick my butt. I suppose I should be afraid of that, but I’m not. However, I’m sure I will suffer some soreness from his wraith. 🙂

3. Speaking of things I want to do this weekend (as if I have all this time in a two day period), I want to get out with my camera some more. Creativity motivates and makes me happy. I love photography so much.

4. Stress has got to go. I’ve been experiencing more of it this week than I have in awhile and I just do not like it. I want to relax and not worry about stuff. It’s definitely not something that’s always easy to do, but I am going to try to do it. I’m going to do my best and stay positive. It’s the only way to truly live I think.

5. My walk with God. I have been slacking on going to church the last couple of weeks and that really is not a good thing. I want to be strong and for me, God is extremely important and He makes and helps me stay that way. So, I plan on getting up on Sunday morning and going to church again. I ask Him to keep me safe and healthy, so the least I can do is give Him and hour or two on Sunday mornings (as well as continue to be a good Christian).

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