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You may have seen me use the #fitjourney hashtag in my instagram workout posts this month. That is how I’m tagging my health and fitness journey to regain the best me.

It has been a struggle for me to try to get back on track. I tried a couple of times late last year, but in all honesty, I wasn’t fully-in. I wasn’t pushing myself like I needed to when it came to my nutrition. My issue is more of a food one than anything else.

In 2016, I ended up putting on 9lbs, the most I’ve gained since losing the 80lbs back in late 2008 to September 2009. Maintaining weight loss is not easy. I think it’s actually as hard, if not more so than actually losing it in the first place.

The Girl's Got Sole - Weight loss progress

Me in 2007 on the left, and in 2015ish on the right.

When I initially lost all of my weight over seven years ago, I didn’t realize how much of a challenge keeping it off would be. It’s a life-long struggle to stay at a particular weight. I’ve learned my comfortable, ideal weight and that’s where I am happiest.

I’ve learned a lot about myself, loving myself since losing all that weight. The weight itself came off faster and oddly easier than accepting and loving myself came. When I was overweight and unhealthy, I thought that all of my problems would be solved by “being skinny.” But, that just isn’t the way it works. Loving yourself is much more than a number on a scale or the size jeans you wear.

Learning that took me a long time. I believe it was a couple of years after my weight loss that I finally learned to love myself. Love that girl in the mirror. I finally saw how pretty I was, how great of a person that I truly was. The weight loss made me a healthier and fitter person, but it didn’t make me love myself.

Through my weight loss and maintenance journey, I’ve learned it’s a life-long one. It will NEVER be easy to be fit and healthy. It’s something you work for and continue to work to keep up. While that can at times be something I dislike, it’s the card I’ve been dealt. And, there’s that saying, “nothing worth doing is ever easy.”

The Girl's Got Sole - Love yourself to live healthy

The first week of 2017 wasn’t fully successful for my FitJourney. I was about 80% in, and that wasn’t good enough. It needs to be an all in thing. So, the second week of January is when I pushed myself to make it 100%. I am not allowing myself to have anything in the house that tempts me to overeat or not eat as well. My biggest weakness lately is cinnamon cereal. I like to eat it dry as a snack. After the first week of the month, it’s no longer allowed until I get myself completely back on track. You need to know what foods are your temptations and not bring them in. If you don’t have them around, you aren’t going to eat them.

So, I’m now almost two weeks into following my plan like I should be, and I have noticed I feel a difference. I plan on weighing myself on Sunday morning to see where I am. I have gone through periods of feeling hungry, but I’ve forced myself to drink more water and think of something else. Not easy, but the beginning is always the hardest.

With my big goal to run the NYC Marathon again in November, I need to get the healthier me back before training really kicks into gear this summer. One day, one week at a time, I am going to get there!

I’m going to continue to post updates on the blog to keep me accountable. Social media is great to help keep me motivated and inspired. The running community is full of amazing people who continue to push themselves, and I just hope that I can be even a bit of an inspiration to people in my own way.

The Girl's Got Sole - NYC Marathon Finisher

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