Finish the story?

The Line, my self-published comic book

I’ve been doing some thinking. Specifically thinking about The Line. For those not in the know about said book, please click here. Go ahead, I’ll wait for you.

Are you a bit caught up on The Line now? Great, now everyone is together in one happy jumble. I like happy and a jumble at least sounds fun anyway. So, I’m wondering if I should let The Line go (its been in floaty land since 2009, so it’s kinda used to it by now), or finish the story I was telling. By finishing the story, I mean in non-comic book format. A part of me thinks I should just let it go, as going backwards is not the way to go. I’m thinking that I should just start writing new stories and creating new characters. I just feel so creative and more inspired lately than I have in awhile and definitely need to be writing.

So, curious on your thoughts if you care to chime in. If you write, how do you approach old stories that you left unfinished? Do you just let them go if those characters aren’t tugging at you to continue?


Finish the story? — 4 Comments

  1. i admire you for writing; i am definitely a reader, but not a writer! i think that if you have a bunch of new burning ideas you should follow those! don’t take a step backwards if you are inspired to move forward! best of luck! SPA love!!

  2. Aww, thanks Mindy! Jenna, I think I’m leaning toward going forward and maybe coming back to it if I think about it and still feel the need to finish it.

  3. As a writer, I’ve had unfinished stories here and there. There’s one I wrote from almost 10 years ago that I haven’t touched that my aunt loved. I have no desire to go back to characters that don’t call me to them. If you have ideas bursting out of you that take you in different directions, follow them! See where they take you. xo

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