Female serial killers

Being a fan of crime noir and true crime, I find a lot of the elements of crime investigation and the psychology of crime and the actual committing of it to be very compelling. That said, I’m intrigued by serial killers. They fascinate me, the ins and outs of their minds, just what makes them do the insane things they do.

Women serial killers are rare because the number of them are far less than male killers. Maybe this fact is why they interest me more so. Female serial killer are also more likely to get away with their crimes for years seeing as how their crimes have different motivations than their male counterparts. Men are generally more violent and aggressive than women, thus there being more men serial killers.

Interesting women serial killers include:

Rosemary West
Rosemary West sadistically murdered and tortured twelve young women with the aid of her husband, Fred West from April 1973 until August 1979. The duo would drive around the Gloucester, England area searching for young girls. Once they found what they were looking for, the couple would take them back to their home, have sex with them, torturing them in the process, and once they were done, kill them. It is said that their own daughter, Heather was the reason for their horrible crimes. The couple believed their daughter’s sexual appetite and sadomasochistic tendencies were to blame for the tortures and murders they committed. Heather too became a victim of her parents’ sick torturous and sadistic sexual atrocities.
The pair was finally arrested in 1994, nearly twenty years after the murders had taken place. The remains of the victims were discovered buried underneath the couples home. The husband Fred, ended up committing suicide while in custody. Rosemary however, was convicted of ten counts of murder in 1995. She is eligible for parole when she is 66 years old, which is 2019.

Aileen Wuornos
Aileen was a deeply psychologically troubled women. From a young age, she engaged in sex with multiple partners, including her own brother. She was pregnant by the age of 14, a pregnancy she claimed was the result of a rape. Shortly after giving birth, Wuornos dropped out of school, left home and took up hitch-hiking and prostitution.
She killed at least seven men between December 1989 and September 1990, claiming that the men either raped or attempted to rape her and in murdering them, she was practicing self-defense. The police caught up to her through pawn shop cards where she left her thumbprint on while pawning items belonging to victims.
Wuornos was sentenced to death by lethal injection for her crimes and became the second Florida woman to be executed. She was formally put to death on October 9, 2002. Her final words were, “I’d just like to say I’m sailing with the rock, and I’ll be back like Independence Day, with Jesus June 6. Like the mother ship and all, I’ll be back.”

Juana “La Mataviejitas” Barraza
Known as “The Silent Lady,” she killed ten, but could be as many as forty. Juana would knock on the doors of the elderly in Mexico City during the 1990s portraying a social worker. Once she gained entrance to the victim’s home, she would strangle them with whatever was handy, a phone cord, sock or what have you. She would do this until blood oozed from the victim’s ears, ensuring they were dead.
She was apprehended in 2006, shortly after strangling and 82-year-old with a stethoscope. The authorities caught her close by the mark’s home. The police had trouble determining if the killer was male or female due to the force she used on her victims. They were unsure if they were looking for a man dressed as a female or a woman dressed as a man.
Barraza was sentenced to 759 years in prison for the murders.

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