February 9th – Storm

One-Minute Writer Prompt:
Explain how you feel during a rain or snow storm.

Considering that I’ve never been through a snow storm (yet), I can only describe how I feel during a rain storm. Having lived in Florida most of my life, we get a lot of bad thunderstorms and tornado type weather. Most of these are pretty uneventful, but there’s always a few that can cause those little bumps to appear on your skin. Those really horrible storms are just that, horrible. Power tends to go out and you end up sitting in the dark awaiting the experience to pass by and just be over with. If it’s the summer, you could be sitting in the sweltering heat for hours. Not a good feeling in the slightest. You just hope it passes by quickly.


February 9th – Storm — 1 Comment

  1. I am a weather fanatic and love a good afternoon summer thunderstorm. The kind that are not severe, but bring beneficial rain and mental comfort. We are supposed to get snow friday and I am so excited! It never snows in Alabama.

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