February 1st – Group

One-Minute Writer Prompt:
You have an opportunity to switch places for a day with a member of a group that is subject to discrimination, to understand them better. Who will you be, for a day?

A very timely and thought-provoking prompt. February is Black History Month and I’ve enjoyed educating myself about their history since I was about ten years-old. Here is my response to today’s prompt:
I would switch places with an African American. I’ve always had a deep respect for their history and wondered what it would be like to be a black woman living during the racial discrimination. While I know it would be a harsh thing to live through, I think it would aid in deepening the respect I already have for African Americans. My generation only knows that part of our past because of pictures and stories told to us by those that lived through that time. And, that’s not to say that it isn’t hard today at times, because sadly, there still are people out there that discriminate because of skin color or race. It is a horrible thing to do to another and I wish there weren’t people like that out there period. No one should judge someone or discriminate against another person because of their race. Each and every one of us should be seen for the individuals that we are.

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