Education: Past, Present & Future

Upon becoming a high school graduate and entering “the real world,” I felt as though nothing could stop me. I was young, excited and rearing to go. What I didn’t know back then was that I was also very naive. For my age at the time, I had a good amount of experience out working and dealing with people, but that was about the extent of it. The education that the state of Florida gave me was less than stellar. I can count on one hand the number of really great teachers I had from elementary school up until and through high school. Leaving Gateway High School, I found myself fairly ill-prepared for the rigors of college life. Well, on some accounts anyway.

My struggle with the four letter subject known as “math,” has haunted me for many a year. More specifically, it’s algebra that’s the problem so to speak. I mean, how practical is knowing what x equals is it to survive in the real world? Don’t get me wrong, I understand that we all need to have basic math knowledge in order to do simple math to balance our checkbooks and count out change at the store (though, it seems even those skills are now done via our electronic portable devices these days), but beyond that, what else do I need to know? It’s not as though I want to pursue a career in Accounting or Chemistry. Yet, being able to do algebra has caused me more grief than it should have a right to. It has become my red herring in that I have yet to finish my degree because of the upset it brings.

So, I find myself again reconsidering going back to school in the next few months. There are a few reasons why I honestly do want to complete my college coursework and get a degree in an area that I love. One, is that I never imagined myself not being a college graduate. I always knew that I’d at least get an undergraduate in writing or photography and go on to do great things in that field. The second reason is that I want to better myself. Maybe having a degree right now doesn’t make that much more of a difference in getting a job in our current economy, or perhaps it does. I’m sure it depends upon what your major is and such, but more education is never a bad thing. Also, having the skills that a potential employer is seeking is always a big plus. Thirdly, I want to be able to tell my kid or kids that I have a college degree. They should know that furthering their education beyond high school is important. Some sort of training or education after the “required” years is never a bad way to go.

Currently, I’m looking into returning to college to become a paralegal. I’ve always been very intrigued about law and criminal justice, so since I can no longer go into law enforcement (my back injury now holds me back), this career path seems to be a good choice. Since I’m still working on moving out of Florida as soon as possible, I am waiting to see where the next few months of 2011 take me before I completely settle and decide on a college. As far as my love for writing and photography goes, they will never go away. I will always hold onto my dream of working for a newspaper or news agency as a journalist. Who knows, maybe that dream will yet become a reality!

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