Easy Like Sunday Morning

Well today, this particular Sunday may be easy as the song goes. Lionel Richie just a way of saying things through song. Then again, maybe the 70s were an easier time. You had disco, platform shoes, the color orange and the end of the Vietnam War. That last thing there was definitely not easy of course. Neither was the whole Watergate fiasco; alas, I digress from the point of this blog post. One week from today, is the Orange Blossom Half Marathon. It is my second half marathon, but first as a runner again. I am both excited and nervous.

Actually, the nervousness has yet to really set in. However, I’m sure it will by mid-week or thereabouts. I’m sure I’ll drive my coworkers, friends and family nuts with talk about the race. Unfortunately for them (fortunately? I tend to think it’s a good thing), I have more races on the horizon, so the insanity is only just beginning! I will be doing the Winter Park Road Race 10k on March 24th and have two races planned for April.

Fully crazy despite the distance. :)

I believe that I’ve got my race day outfit pretty much set now. I’ll be wearing one of the traveling skirts from Sparkle Skirts with a black top. I’m planning on wearing knee high socks in either black or pink, haven’t finalized that detail at this juncture. Also, I’m unsure if I’ll wear a headband or a hat. I want to go with a headband, but not sure I like how my hair looks with the way I normally wear the bands during training runs. By the end of the run, it’s all over the place! I want to look cute and good for the photos. 🙂

So, let the countdown begin, not to mention taper!

How about you? How is your week of a big race spent? Do you do a lot of thinking and planning?

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