Earth Day, Boston and such


It’s Earth Day! Not only is this day important for the environment and our planet, but 23 years ago today, Mocha came into this world, a fluff of grey scuffiness and large talons. Those black beady eyes quickly became one of the loves of my life back in 1992. Sadly, she left this place and crossed the rainbow bridge in early 2012. I’ve talked about Mocha before on this blog, and she will never leave my heart. She is thought about just about every day and I can see some of her in our family’s other African Grey, Rocketbird. To some, they are are just pets, but to a lot of us, they are family.

Mom and I at the Earth Day 12k/5k race in 2012.

Mom and I at the Earth Day 12k/5k race in 2012.

I was going to blog on Monday, as it was Marathon Monday, but I decided to just take in the day. As a marathon runner, it will always be a big day for me, but sometimes, I find myself not having the words. The words to type on this blog, or say on video even. There is something to be said for merely taking in everything a moment (or day) has to offer and experiencing it that way. I love being a part of the running community and really love that I know runners who have and continue to run Boston each year. If I can’t be there in person to run or spectate the amazing day, I know that I can live it vicariously through them. Their words, pictures and everything they share on social media. Congrats again to every single runner who ran Boston on Monday. You are all rock-stars!

Boston made me think even more about how I will be running through the streets of New York City in 192 days. There is nothing like the excitement felt on race day, and I know the emotions I will be feeling in NYC will be like nothing I’ve ever felt before. It will be a day like no other for me and many, many others I’m sure.


I mentioned my vlogging above and previously a bit. I want to do a vlog more often, but it’s all about what to say. It’s never a lack of SOMETHING to say (haha), it’s more of a “I’m not sure anyone wants to hear” me talk about this or that. That said, I’d love your input, your thoughts and suggestions on what you would like to hear me rambling on about on Shannon Speaks. Feel free to comment on this blog post, or let me know via facebook or twitter. Help me make the vlog more interactive! 🙂

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