Do you BibRave?

Do you BibRave? If you don’t know what BibRave is, well you are missing out on something awesome. If you run races, whether they be 5ks or marathons, BibRave is a site you should have in your bookmarks.


BibRave is all about runners and the running community. It strives to connect runners and the best races to one another. If you are looking for what fellow runners think about a particular race, head over to There, you will find reviews of races, large and small that other runners have done and reviewed. It’s all about giving you honest reviews of races.

You know you want to get in on BibRave! All you have to do is head over to, register on the site and you are set to go. Read all the reviews you want, and definitely post some race reviews of your own! It’s all about helping out our amazing running community.


In addition to race reviews, if you are already a BibRave fan and want to get more involved, apply to be a BibRavePro! I love being a Pro, as it gives me some awesome opportunities to review running gear. Not to mention that there’s the oh-so-fun BibChat every Tuesday night at 9pm Eastern each week on Twitter! You can always join in on the fun chat, and you might even win some cool swag or gear!

If you want to find out more about being a BibRavePro, head on over here to read all the details. If you love talking about running on social media like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, being a BibRavePro might just be a fit for you! Either way, you really do need to join the fun of BibRave!


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