Crank It Up! Virtual Racing Fun

I did my second virtual race through Jost Running, using one of my Tuesday morning runs. This meant I would be running a 5k (I also did over a 10k distance that weekend, but opted to use the 5k this time around). While I don’t necessarily go full, all-out on a training run, I did average a good pace, averaged out to be 12:55 pace per mile. Yes, I can definitely do a 5k faster, but hey, not all runs or even races are about speed.

My weekday morning runs do tend to be at a good pace, but never as fast as I can do an actual 5k if I’m trying to shoot for a P.R. or time. I felt good with the under 13 minute per mile pace considering I have to keep my group comfortable with the pace as well as deal with the icky humidity that is Florida in the summer.


The month of June’s charity for Jost Running and the Crank It Up theme was the National Young Arts Foundation. I love how each month has a charity, which is not only a great thing in and of itself, but with it changing every 30 days, you can think about that group as you complete your miles. This organization, the National Young Arts Foundation is a nice one because everyone NEEDS to be creative. You need to get out your creative juices in whatever way you love (drawing, painting, writing, photography, music etc.), and this organization helps those who have the passion, but just need the financial help, the backing to get to that next level.

With July beginning today, there’s a new theme this month, along with a new charity. July is Beat the Heat and supports Girls on the Run! You have a chance to win a voucher for your choice of 5k, Half Marathon or Marathon distance! You do have to register on Jost Running to be able to receive the voucher if you win. Just comment below what you will be doing this summer to Beat the Heat during your runs and outdoor workouts. You must comment to be eligible to win. You have until July 7th to enter the giveaway. Good luck!

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  1. This heat (& humidity around here!) can really take the wind right out of your sails!! I always make sure to stay plenty hydrated & never run outside in the heat without a water source on me or close by at all times. And if it really does feel too hot for me & I know my breathing is going to suffer, I do the run indoors on a treadmill. I got no shame, LOL!! A run is a run!!

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