Cooking is fun

What, did I actually just title this post, “Cooking is fun?” Oh yes, yes I did. It’s almost as if cooking brings out more creativity in me. I never really thought that would be an outcome of the process.

Tofu Scramble is good stuff!

When I am cooking my own meals, I know exactly what has gone into my food. There’s nothing on my plate that I’m not aware of like there could be with frozen microwave meals. It’s also an aid in eating healthier, with less processed foods in my diet that have more sodium in them than I’d like to be consuming.

I’ve been using recipes mostly from the Happy Herbivore cookbook and Colleen Patrick-Goudreau’s line of books. Happy Herbivore has been great with it’s easy recipes and with them I know how many calories I’ll be eating in a serving. I like knowing my nutritional information. I can easily put any recipe though into an online recipe analyzer, which I do with any that don’t have that information with the recipe.

Tofu and Veggie Stir-fry

Some of my favorite new recipes include simple dinners like spaghetti to black bean burritos and enchiladas. I will be making my very first vegan lasagna this evening that will last for the week. Looking forward to the experience.

What about you, do you cook every night or a few nights a week? Are you a newer cook like myself, or more of a veteran in the kitchen? Any tips or recommendations?

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