Coming Out of Your Comfort Zone

We all have them, comfort zones. Those activities and things that you always do and feel good and content about. But, what about when you step out of that bubble and experience a whole new world? Okay, so maybe it’s not a whole new world, but a new activity, something that you might normally be interested in, but thought, “hey, that’s just not for me.”


This is exactly what I did on Saturday after my morning run. I attended fellow blogger and fitness enthusiast, Katy Widrick‘s PiYo strength class. Katy just got certified in teaching this awesome combination of pilates and yoga. It’s basically a total mind-body experience. So, the idea of taking a such a class both intrigued and made me nervous. Sure, I did some exercise classes last year at Sweat USA, but I’m not really one to take a group class. So, I drove over to the studio and rolled out my yoga mat along with the others, ready for a new experience.

The class itself was pretty intense. I didn’t think that pilates or yoga could make me sweat like I did, but it’s definitely a workout! I admit, some of the moves were harder to keep up with than others, but I was able to keep up 95% of the time which I feel pretty good about. In the end, I was glad that I came out to take the class and am even interested in adding it my schedule once or twice a month.

Considering that I mostly run (and bike), I was definitely feeling this PiYo workout when I woke up on Sunday morning. Heck, I was still feeling it yesterday. My abs were feeling something that they obviously needed. Strength is something I don’t prioritize in my workouts and I think that if I start making it a part of my regular workout schedule I will benefit from it in many ways. It’s definitely a workout that’s good for runners.

With Katy post-workout

With Katy post-workout

Have you gone out of your comfort zone lately for a workout or some other activity? How did it go?
And, have you tried PiYo?


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  1. Thank you SO much for this – I loved seeing you in class and this is such a great reminder for all of us to consider stepping just a little bit out of our comfort zone.

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