Color Me Pink!


I’ve stepped up the game this time around. I’m fully in, because I believe in this cause immensely. What am I speaking of? The 26.2 with DONNA. As I have previously stated on this blog, the 2015 marathon during the DONNA weekend will be my 4th full marathon. The DONNA was my first 26.2 and I am going back to run the distance once again. It’s a race like no other and one I love so much.

Here’s the deal, if I can reach my fundraising goal of $500 by Christmas Day (aka December 25th, just to be clear 🙂 ), I will color my hair pink for the DONNA marathon weekend. Not just highlights or additions, nothing like that sort of thing. I’m talking fully pink. Yes, I’m all in to do that for this amazing cause.

With Donna Deegan, founder of the race.

With Donna Deegan, founder of the race.

So, if you would like to see me with pink hair, donate to the 26.2 with DONNA! It’s that easy. Any amount you can throw into the pot helps us finish breast cancer. No donation is too small. Every penny goes to help find the cure and to the survivors who need our help. The DONNA is a cause that you can be confident in knowing that your money is going straight to Mayo Clinic and the Donna Foundation (70% and 30% respectively).

I realize this time of year can be tough with the holidays right around the corner, but your help is so appreciated. We can and will finish it! Thank YOU!

Please make your donations here:

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