Chase your passion, or it may just chase you

Well, it might if you’re lucky. Or, if you’re meant to be doing that passion anyway. I believe that writing is not only a love of mine, but that I’m meant to do it in some way. In what way, I can’t answer that. If I could, I can almost assure that I’d be doing it right now. That is, if I could control my ADHD tendencies.

Less for blogging and bits and pieces here and there, I haven’t really written much this year. Part of me has been okay with that, I mean life has been taking me in some different directions the last couple of years, so I’m open to change. The other part of me, the part that has been writing since I was in elementary school, knows that I was simply avoiding it. Call it a block or whatever, it doesn’t matter what it’s called or referred to as, I just wasn’t fulfilling my duties as a writer. I wasn’t writing the stories that were in my head. I was pushing them away, or trying to ignore them, but they were still and are still there. As a writer, I know that those stories, the characters are still there. They aren’t going anywhere. They are going to continue to nag me until I get it down on paper.

That all said, I feel that I need to put it out there that my muse has now resorted to kicking my butt. She’s done with whispering and asking me to write, she’s fed up with how long it’s taking for me to listen. So, I need to hold myself accountable to not only my muse, but to my readers by now writing these fiction stories. Sure, my blog is great and I love it. This is the place that I can share how life is going, how my fitness is progressing, but fiction is a whole other ball game. Fiction is where I can shine with the crazy imagination that God has gifted me. There’s nothing like writing a crime story. I love it. I love putting my characters in situations that they don’t want to be in. Then, getting them out of said situation. And, the butt kicking. I love writing butt kicking scenes, especially when it’s a bad ass chick whooping a guy’s butt. It’s just a good time.

My question to you is, and I know I’ve asked this recently, are you doing your passion? Is your job or are you actively doing the thing you love? If not, what is that thing(s)? Are you working toward making your passion your job?

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