Catching my Breath

I’ve been dealing with an issue on my runs lately. I have been finding myself getting shortness of breath issues and needing to walk more. It’s driving me crazy, because otherwise, I feel pretty good and want to keep going. Yet, my breathing, or lack of being able to breath well causes me problems.

A good example of a recent episode of this issue is the Lighthouse Loop Half Marathon last month. I pushed through the first 6ish miles, and then have to catch my breath. It drives me crazy because I do 30:30 intervals (run/walk), and have been doing that for years now. Suddenly, I can’t always push through a 30 second run. Frustrating to say the least.

The Girl's Got Sole - Catching my Breath

While I do have exercise-induced asthma, it’s never been such an issue. Up till now, I would need to maybe use my rescue inhaler during a colder or harder run, then I’d be fine. Lately, I have used the inhaler 15 minutes before my runs, and then carry it with me for anything more than a 3 miler. If I am running an easy-paced training run, I tend to be pretty good. That all changes though during a race when I am pushing my pace and effort.

After last month’s half marathon, I made an appointment with my general doctor. I was able to get in the day after the race and see the Nurse Practitioner. She recommended that I see a specialist, that way I can get a lung test done to see if it was full on adult-onset asthma.

So, yesterday, I had my first appointment with the Asthma and Allergy Doctor. She was really nice, asked me a lot of questions relevant to my issue. A nurse then did a Pulmonary Lung Test, to see if I indeed have asthma. Results came back a few minutes later, and they were good. Good in that, my lung function is actually very good. It didn’t outright show that I have asthma.

The Girl's Got Sole - Catching my Breath

New medication I’m hopeful about

What does that mean? As of today, I started a new medication in addition to my ProAir inhaler. I am taking Arnuity Ellipta inhalation powder once daily. It’s a corticosteroid used to control and treat asthma. So, while the lung test didn’t show I have asthma, we are treating the symptoms. Should know if this helps in a couple of weeks.

I’m hopeful that the new medication helps, and I can start feeling better breathing when I’m running. Only time will tell. My follow-up appointment with the doctor is after Thanksgiving, so praying I feel better before my next race, the OUC Orlando Half Marathon on 12/7.

Anyone else deal with shortness of breath when running? Or, do you have asthma? What has worked for you?

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