C25k, work, and shiney new cars

Things have been crazy but great the last couple of weeks. I truly feel blessed and couldn’t be happier with where my life is taking me. Church has been going great, as I really like church itself a great deal and feel right at home there each Sunday. The pastor is a great preacher and I enjoy his sermons. Guest speakers have been good as well, always nice to hear another style of getting God’s word out there.

On the work front, I have now been in my new position for two weeks. Well, officially, this week was my first week actually doing the job. Last week consisted of training and then a certification exam at the end of the week of training. Thankfully, I passed and am now certified to take on my new role in the company. Overall, I’m really liking working with the insurance side of the business and I look forward to what the future brings.

My C25k training is finally progressing after overcoming some hurdles with being sick, knee problems and having my wisdom tooth removed. As of this week, I have gotten back on the horse, so to speak, and am now on week 5, day 2 of the training regime. Day two consists of running two eight minute intervals. I ran the day one intervals of five minute intervals on Monday morning, but overcame the five minute mark on Wednesday when I ran eight minutes! I was very proud of my accomplishment in this area. I wasn’t sure I would be able to get past that five minute barrier, but I did it! I ran the same eight minute intervals today and hope to be running the day three, twenty minute intervals by next week. Got to keep progressing!

Last Saturday, after doing the Zimmerman Kiser Sutcliffe Winter Park Road Race, I ended up in a place I could have never guessed I’d be last weekend, a car dealership. My parents are seeking to get mom out of her 1997 Buick, so they were out car shopping. My mom texted me about how great the Mazda dealer seemed to be and mentioned that I might want to just come by and see about getting out of my Saturn Ion. While I thought it would be great to get a new car (my Saturn was not only out of warranty, it was about to cost me some bucks repair-wise and was beginning to make me wonder about it’s reliability on the road), I never really seriously thought it would happen. So, I figured I would stop by and just talk to the salesman for a few minutes and more than likely be on my way since I would need to get out of the Saturn’s car loan as well as get a car payment in the same pricing range to even consider doing business. In the forefront of my mind, those two things weren’t likely to happen. Well, I was wrong. The stars were aligned and things were just meant to be that day because before I knew it, I was shaking hands and signing papers. I left the dealership hours later in a Mazda, leaving my little red Saturn behind. It was a little bittersweet, as “Clark,” (that’s the name I gave the car back when I first got it in 2007) and I had been through a lot, that car took me to Asheville, North Carolina and back more than a couple of times. However, as they say, all good things must come to an end. I will now be driving my little blue Mazda around town. Now, if I can just come up with a name for it…

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