C25K Week Two!

Week two of my training has begun! The plan was to have started this on Friday morning, but we had a bad storm, so it canceled that out for me. Gotta love Florida weather, we get a lot of storms down here.

I debated on starting week two of the training today or if I should have done another day of week one training. The change in week two’s workout is that you now run for 90 second intervals and then walk for two minutes. Having not trained since Wednesday, I was a little iffy on that goal. I am thankful that I decided to push myself and just go for it as planned.

The start of the workout was good. As I walked the five minute warm up, I felt great. I felt as though I was ready and up for the challenge. Almost as if on a humorous cue, as I turned the corner onto the main street where I walk, the windy hit me hard. This provided another challenge, as a hard wind can make it harder for a runner. Still, I didn’t allow this to discourage me. I did however, change my path slightly so that the wind wasn’t as harsh on me. This would prove to be a good move.

The first 90 second interval came and I took off running. I then reminded myself that while I of course wanted to push myself, I didn’t want to push myself too much so as to run out of steam halfway through my workout. So, I relaxed my body and took my strides to a consistent speed that wouldn’t tire me out too soon. This ended up resulting in a great training workout level that I was able to keep up on.

All in all, it was a great session. I actually kind of enjoyed it. Yes, there were moments where I was a bit out of breath and had to encouragement myself that I could do it, but I think most runners experience that at times. Running is both a physical and mental challenge I think, you need to be able to sync the two into accomplishing what you want to achieve.

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