C25k Training Update

This week will begin week four of my C25k training regime. While I am happy to be proceeding forward, I have to admit that I am also a bit nervous about getting into the longer run intervals. The three minute runs have proven to be challenging at times, so I know the five minute ones will prove to be similar. I am not giving up though, I am going to make it through this training program, even if it takes a couple of weeks longer. It’s a challenge I have taken on and don’t plan to give up on.

Yesterday, I did the final day of week three’s training. I drove out to the lakefront near home for this workout for a change of pace and scenery since I had the time. The weather was nice, not too cold or too windy out which was great. There were quite a number of people out at the parks though. This wasn’t really a problem less for a couple of times when I had to speak loudly over my headphones and say, “excuse me” to get by people taking up the entire walkway.

The workout’s biggest challenge was in the last three minute interval. By the time I get to that point it seems I have to really push myself to keep going. Part of me wants to slow down to that fast walk about halfway into that interval. I have been able to mentally convince myself not to do this and to keep pushing. It isn’t even so much that I’m out of breath, it’s like my body is trying to tell me that I can’t do it. I’m not going to stand for that though, so I keep going, even if I slow down my pace, I keep running. Our minds tend to try to convince us that we can’t do things I think when with some effort we can. For me, it’s not only proving to myself that I can in fact do it, but that with God’s help, I can do anything. I’ve worked hard to lose over 70lbs now and I’m not about to settle for not pushing myself and accomplishing things I know I can do if I just try. The key is getting out there and doing it.

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