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There’s nothing like working on a blog post, getting everything just right and then, poof! It’s gone. It’s like a bad magic trick. You hoped for your assistant to re-appear in the magic box. Yet, you pull the black curtain and they are gone! Okay, so maybe not exactly, but you get the picture (if not, use your imagination). I worked on a great blog post last night and my computer decided to eat it. Not to mention that Photoshop decides to freeze on me just after I finish making an image for the aforementioned blog post. It just wasn’t my night. So, I closed the laptop (after I yelled at it and pouted a bit) and went to bed. Some days, you just can’t win.


Today, while I still furrow my brow at the unfortunate events that happened last night. But, I move on. That’s just how blogging and life goes. I may also have learned to save my blog writing offline as well… that said, I have been thinking about blogging all week. As you see, that didn’t do much for content for you to read. No, it’s not writer’s block (or bloggers block), it’s just me being critical of myself. Thinking I know what may or may not be interesting to someone else. I continue to work on getting over that part of myself. It’s been something I’ve dealt with for years. As long as I’ve been writing, no matter what the writing may be I always over-think things. They say we are our own worst critic, and yes, that is definitely true for me.

While I have you here, a couple of random things…

Have you been listing to the wycwyc podcast? Better yet, are you familiar with wycwyc? Carla and Roni have a really neat thing going on and it’s definitely worth your time. Their book is releasing soon and I know I look forward to reading it! The podcast is like sitting around with a couple of girlfriends chatting it up. It’s become one of my favorites for sure. Check out the trailer for the book: And, how much fun is the #wycwyc hashtag?

Vlogging IS continuing. Yes, I know I haven’t made a video this week, but I promise I will by tomorrow (that’s Saturday in case you are reading this at a different time/day). Again, it’s a whole ‘over-thinking’ myself sort of deal and I just gotta hit that red record button. Maybe tomorrow after my run? A sweaty vlog! 🙂 Speaking of said vlog, you do know that I’m vlogging, right? Head over to my youtube channel!

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