Blessings Through Depression

The Girl's Got Sole - Blessed

It’s funny (not in a haha funny, but in a funny ironic sort of way), how sometimes great things happen just when you need them to.

Let me explain.

Last night after work, I was driving to Whole Foods when I began to feel depressed and sad. I’m not exactly sure what caused this sudden down, but I basically had a crummy state of mind. I felt like I didn’t care about anything at that moment.

As someone who deals with depression and anxiety on a regular basis, these sorts of moments happen. Sometimes, I can’t put my finger on what triggered the emotion, but it’s real and there.

The Girl's Got Sole - Psalm 37

Now, I wasn’t in a desperation mode or anything, just a depressed mood all around. It’s like I begin to wonder if I care about this or that. Or, get the feeling I might want to hide under the covers and cry.

Arriving at the store, I parked the car and headed inside. Part of me wondered why I even bothered to drive to the store, but alas, there I was (I actually did have a mental list of things to pick up). As I made my way around the aisles, a familiar face spotted me and smiled.

It was one of my running friends who has been out for a week with an injury. We chatted for a few minutes about running (of course), how she was doing, and such.

The Girl's Got Sole - He fills my life with good things

Amazing how great things happen when you truly need them to. My mood was instantly turned back around and what do you know, a smile back on my face. Nothing like seeing a friend to brighten up your day.

I fully believe that seeing my friend was a blessing from above. God put her there in that moment because I needed a boost. Isn’t it so awesome what God does for us?

He hears even our silent prayers and requests to Him. I know He is always by my side and there when I need Him. He blesses me with some great people that have come into my life. He blesses me more than I deserve.

God’s blessings are so great!

The Girl's Got Sole - My God is always faithful


Blessings Through Depression — 12 Comments

  1. Hi Shannon, that makes sense. We happen to have a bad moment or day, and out of no where someone or something happens and things turn around. I love it. I have no doubt that the Lord is always watching and can hear us. I have a conversation every day and I have many times had him send a message letting me know he is there. Have a great week 🙂

  2. True! His delays are not His denials. We just got to have faith and wait for the right time. Thanks for sharing your story across! 🙂

  3. I love this post, Shannon. I’m glad you ran into your running buddy to lift your mood. Being with good friends, especially those we share common interests with, does make things better.

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