Blah to the rainy days

It’s been raining here in Orlando since Saturday night. Rain, rain and yet more rain (it’s as if we haven’t had enough wet, sogginess). I hear this tropical storm or depression, whatever those weather folks call it is to.blame. The culprit’s name is Debby. I suppose adding a name to these storms makes someone in weatherland dance for joy.

Meanwhile, those of us who love the great outdoors get stuck inside. I had planned to bike on Cady Way with a friend yesterday, but it just didn’t happen. I was going to have Bob Harper push me around via a DVD workout, but I bummed out of that. Soaking wet days with endless downpours make me not want to do much of anything.

Here we are at Monday night, the eve of my usual Tuesday 3-miler, and all I can do is hope and pray for a dry morning tomorrow. I have yet to run in the rain, and while it may be something I will have to do soon, I’d prefer it be later rather than sooner. I can give a list of reasons (excuses?) as to why I don’t want to run in the rain. Believe me, I have a good sized list (beginning with that my glasses will get wet and foggy).

So, maybe you more weather experienced runners can help me out here. If (okay, when) I have to brave the wet, what can I do to make the experience less dreadful? Your tips and advice is very welcomed!


Blah to the rainy days — 5 Comments

  1. This ran is crazy! Summers in Florida are either too hot or too rainy.

    I took my run to the gym this morning. I am not brave enough to run in the rain, yet. I’m all curious to see what the more experienced runner has to say about the elements.

  2. I know, it’s nuts! I think I’m most concerned about my glasses getting wet and fogged up. I would wear a hat, but not sure that would do the trick.

  3. It’s great running in the rain when it’s hot out, which is always in Florida 🙂 Once you get wet, it’s not different than being drenched in sweat and I much prefer being wet from the rain. Wearing a hat or visor is a must to keep the water out of your face and eyes. I don’t wear glasses, but that should certainly do the trick. Just be sure that everything from bra, to top, to shorts and specially socks are wicking material and body glide all the things!

  4. Thanks Kitzzy, I went out this morning and wore a hat. It seemed to help a lot. I didn’t body glide, but since it wasn’t too bad, I got lucky on that (plus, it was a short run). Will definitely do that in the future.

  5. I don’t have an answer for you…I live in Portland, land of Rain For 9 Months of the Year. 🙁 blah! In the winter I take my workouts inside. I do spin class and weight lifting. In the summer I do bike rides outside in the sun!

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