Bit of an update

Last Friday afternoon, my doctor called me and informed me of the results of my MRI. I have a herniated disk, as well as some spondylosis in my back. Finally, after being out of work for over two weeks, I had an answer to what had been going on. My doctor informed me that I could do the physical therapy and see how that goes or, I could go see a specialist and get some steroid shots in my back. I have opted for the physical therapy first in hopes that it will be all I need. I hate to have to get injections if I don’t need them.

Today, I went for my second physical therapy session. The PT is using sports massage techniques as well as some electro-therapy to get my muscles to relax. We should know if it’s working next week hopefully. Today’s treatment went well. My PT told me I was free to go back to cardio workouts in the gym. I can now use the treadmill and the elliptical, and then in the next week or two, I should be able to get on a bike again. As far as my running goes, the PT said that resuming running in about 8 weeks should be okay. I just need to build up some more strength in my back and legs. And, it’s back to work this Thursday! I’m actually looking forward to getting back to work, as being home for almost three weeks on restrictions is no fun.

On the writing front, I am working on a few projects, as this down time has inspired me to get moving on some things I have been putting off for one reason or another. I will be getting back into doing Julia Cameron’s The Artists Way this week as well. I believe the daily journal writing really did help me, so I miss doing them. I had been borrowing the big hardcover Artists Way trilogy from the library, so that had to go back to them. However, I got a softcover copy of just The Artists Way online that should be arriving in the next few days. Once it does, I will jump back into the tasks and such with week five which is about where I got distracted and left off.

Photography-wise, I did get out a bit recently to take some pictures. Definitely not a lot, as I was pretty restricted on what I could do for awhile with the injury. This Saturday is the Central Florida Earth Day Festival in downtown Orlando, so I look forward to shooting some photography out there. The event itself should be a great time. I will be going with my best friend (whom I just reconnected with last month!) and her little daughter. Looking forward to getting out with my camera again more regularly, as I really love being out there shooting pictures.

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