Be yourself

It’s as simple as those two words. Be yourself. Love who you are and the person you have become. You are unique and for that an awesome human being. Can you imagine if we were all alike? If everyone had the same interests, dislikes and favorite color? I don’t know about you, but I would find that one boring and uninspiring world to live in.

This belongs to Carla, but I love it oh so much that I wanted to put it here.

This belongs to Carla, but I love it oh so much that I wanted to put it here.

Carla Birnberg, aka MizFit has inspired me to remember to be just that, be me. Funny how this simplistic idea and way of living can be forgotten. Sometimes, we try too hard to please others with a version of ourselves that just isn’t exactly accurate. Sure, it’s you (or me…you know what I mean, right?), but yet the REAL you is basically wearing a mask. You’re hiding behind a dress that’s too fancy for your taste, or a top that’s just a bit too tight. Clothes are a great way to explain this, right? Everyone understands clothes since we all wear them (or I hope you do anyway).

So, this is my message for today (and the future), be yourself. Don’t change because someone tells you that you can be better or more proper by doing something that makes you feel uncomfortable. If someone loves or likes you, they will love you for the real you. And, you will be happy and enjoy life so much more. 🙂

Presenting me!

Presenting me! (Well, me in 2012, but you get the idea)


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    Your FB comment to me was what *I* needed to hear to confront a fear.


  2. It’s so easy to understand that we appreciate the “unique”-ness of our friends and family members, so why is it so hard to realize that we really our best when we our ourselves.

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