Be A Part of Running History

On April 21, 2014, history will be made at the 118th Boston Marathon. The majority of us will never get an opportunity to run the streets of Boston, but we can be a part of the historic day.


The Marathon Show’s Joe Taricani is organizing an event called, Running into History. The idea is to make April 21st one to honor and benefit the victims and city of Boston from the horrific events of the Boston Marathon bombings. This is a virtual marathon or relay in which everyone can be a part of whether you are a runner or a walker. Run the full 26.2 or get with friends to do the total distance together. The point is, to get out there and run.

In order to make this massive event happen, Joe needs you to pre-register. There is no cost to do this, you are just expressing that you want to be a part of history. He’s asking 100,000 runners/walkers from all across the world to do this so that he can attract corporate sponsors to handle all the costs of such an undertaking. This way, when we all do register for the actual event, every penny of that registration fee goes to help the victims and families in Boston.

So, take a minute and head over to the website that Joe has set up for the event. And please, pass the word (and link of course) to all of your friends. Each and every one of us is needed to make it happen!

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