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So, this morning, after feeling as though I’ve recovered from the flu I went to the doctor for last Thursday, I decided to get back into my C25k training. Part of me had been itching to run for a couple of days now. Heck, I even thought about running on Saturday (thankfully, I didn’t, as my body was definitely not up for the task that day). Once I ate my breakfast this morning and rested up for about 30 minutes, I was off. It was a cool 58 degrees weather-wise, but it felt good. I did my initial five minute warm up walk and then the first running interval came. It wasn’t too bad. Yes, I found my body fighting me a bit at first, but it slowly but surely came through for me.

It wasn’t until the fourth running interval that a struggle arose. Right before, during the two minute walking portion, I caught a strong smell of smoke in the air. This really got to me. My left eye began to tear up and my nose ran. I did my best to wipe my eye and grabbed the tissue I had in my pouch to blow my nose. I was not going to give up. Before I knew it, it was time to run again. And, run I did. I ran and pushed through my teary eye and still running nose. No, it was most definitely not ideal conditions, but I kept telling myself that I was going to finish today’s training. I reminded myself that I was strong, and I could do it. And, I asked God to please help me gain the strength to make it through this workout.

With God’s strength and my own determination not to merely give up, I made it through the last running interval. Still bleary-eyed, I then began the five minute cool down walk. I was proud of myself and thanked God for being there by my side as I ran. You can do anything you put your mind to and with God’s help. All things are possible!


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  1. Thanks for posting your journey. I’ve just started the C25K and we begin week two tomorrow. I’m having some knee pain. I had ACL replacement a few years back and it is the same knee. I appreciate your willingness to write about God in your journey. He is certainly my motivator, too.

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