Asheville or Bust!

On Friday, July 16th, I departed in my little Mazda bound for my favorite mountain town. There were 602 miles of road ahead of me. The drive out of Florida was fairly uneventful which was to be expected. I-95 isn’t exactly an exciting interstate. You have trees to your left and trees to your right. Driving on 95 is about as exciting as watching a pot of water boil on the stove.

As I was on this driving trip solo, I entertained myself with the completion of an audio book I had been listening to, as well as some podcasts and random music selections on my iPod. For the most part, I enjoy a good podcast. Done well, they can really be fun and educational. Sometimes though, you just need some good tunes to keep you going on the long journey.

Crossing the state line into Georgia, for the first time in a couple of hours, I let out a yell of excitement. Yes, I was out of the heat hole known as Florida! I’m not a fan of my current home state, not even a slight bit. I was born on Long Island, New York and my parents relocated the family here when I was a toddler. Having grown up here, I find the place anything but exciting. I would have no qualms about never coming back. I do have family and friends still in Florida, so they are the only bright specks of the Sunshine State for me.

The trek through the peachy state of Georgia ended being about as eventful. I do find the billboards boosting about fresh fruits and touristy crap interesting though. On one hand, the colorful signs are an eye soar on the interstate. On the other hand, they make a trip less boring. By the time I hit the state line for South Carolina, a smile crossed my face. A little over two hours to go of course, but I was oh so close to mountain land!

Before I knew it, I spotted signs indicating that the Paris of the South, aka Asheville was inching closer. Fairly tired of the driving, and with my back begging for a rest, I was extremely happy that I had almost reached my destination. Roughly ten hours after departing from Central Florida, I pulled into my friend Jess’ driveway in Asheville, North Carolina. It’s most certainly not an exciting road trip to make, but the end result, the sight of those beautiful mountains make it all truly worthwhile.

**more blog posts on my Asheville trip coming this week**

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