Asheville NOT A Top Veggie City?

PETA, The People for Ethical Treatment of Animals has named their top ten vegetarian/vegan cities. Those cities are Albuquerque, Washington D.C, Portland, New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Seattle, Toronto, Vancouver and Olympia. So, where is Asheville, North Carolina? It is found no where on PETA’s list, not even on the smaller city list.

I see this as an oversight on the organization’s part. Asheville is quite a veggie-friendly city. The Paris of the South understands it’s vegan and vegetarian residents and visitors. You can go into almost any eatery in the town and get a veggie friendly meal. The people of Asheville actually know the meaning of a vegan, unlike folks in Central Florida.

Also, most of the food served in Asheville’s restaurants is local, coming right from farms and growers practically down the street. The mountain town prides itself on organic local fare. Just look at the window to any downtown cafe or shop, “Love Asheville. Put your money where your heart is. Buy Local.” Asheville truly is a top veggie city in my book.

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