April 22nd…a lot on my mind

Today is a bittersweet day. It not only marks the one week anniversary of the Boston Marathon Bombings, but it would have been Mocha Moo’s 21st birthday (Mocha was our family African Grey that passed away just over a year ago). And of course, it’s also Earth Day. So, as you can see, it is quite a mixed feeling kind of day.

Young Mocha bird, around 1994.

Young Mocha bird, around 1994.

I thought about Mocha during my 12k race on Saturday and will again think about her as well as Boston when I run the #BostonStrongOrl run this evening. It is truly a day that contains a lot of thoughts of those lost on my mind.

That said, I want to keep my head up today and think about the positive. It can be a struggle to do during anniversaries of loss, but I think we need to look for the good and the happy things and times. Running has been a therapy for me since Mocha’s passing as it has been since Boston. I know it will continue to be that for me through all the difficult times. Also, I turn to God, He is always with me and I am thankful beyond words for that.

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