Appreciating What You Have


Sometimes, you have days that make you appreciate life. These days make you appreciate what you have and who you have around you. This past weekend consisted of those kinds of days. My weekend ended with me really thinking a lot about life.

My weekend began as usual with a dark and early run with my running group. I ran 13.3 miles with them and while I was a bit sore and tired, I was happy to have spent three plus hours of my Saturday morning with them. My running group is a second family to me and we talk about any and everything while we run. No matter whether it’s food or current events, nothing seems to be off-limits when you’re a runner. And, I love that. Everyone is themselves.

Later that day, I attended the funeral cemetery service for one of my running group friend’s dad who had passed away suddenly the weekend prior. As I stood there listening to the minister and others speak about a man I never met, I felt humbled. Not only did it make me think about my own loved ones here and the ones who have already gone home to heaven, but it made me really want to get to know more about my friend’s father. The picture of him on the funeral memorial card reminded me a lot of my Pop-Pop who passed away in 1995. The connections we make with friends here on earth are oh so special. I believe that we get to know certain people for a reason. We are all here to teach and be there for each other in some way or another.

That night, I drove over to my parents’ house and spent the night. Unfortunately, the family African Grey, Rocketbird has seemingly become ill in the last 24 hours. After losing our beloved Mocha Moo a year and a half ago, I can’t imagine anything happening to Rocket right now. She was picking her neck and generally acting tired which is not like her. She would be going to the vet on Monday, so all we could do was ensure that she was eating and such.

About lunchtime on Sunday, a call came in that one of my mom’s best friends whom she has know for over 20 years had been admitted to the local hospital the night before. After church, I went with my mom to go see her. While I knew this women (she just turned 90 back in December), I hadn’t seen her since I lost weight, so I already had in my mind that she would likely not recognize me. Sadly, she didn’t even really recognize my mom. The poor lady is having memory problems and what makes it worse is that she actually is realizing that she is forgetting things. I think that makes it harder.

By the time I got back in my car to drive home on Sunday evening, I thought about my weekend. I am grateful that I have my family close by and that I have such great friends who are like family. Because really, the things of this world mean nothing in the end. It’s about who is there with you and the experiences you share with them along the way.


Appreciating What You Have — 3 Comments

  1. So true. We get so wrapped up in the busyness of life that we often neglect to appreciate all that we’ve been given.

    Great post, I hope your mom’s friend knows the Lord and has that perfect peace in spite of how her mind may be failing.

  2. ***hugs*** hope all turns out well for your mom’s friend and for your bird! It is important to appreciate what we have EVERY DAY… so easy to forget to do that when life’s nuances get in the way.

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