60 Days Until NYC!

Today marks exactly 60 days until I hit the streets of New York City and run my dream race. It’s starting to get real! I know the mixed bag of emotions will only start to grow each day it draws closer to November 1st. Just two more long runs to go…

The countdown is truly on!

The countdown is truly on!

I know I’ve been talking about this race almost non-stop here on the blog, but it IS my dream race. It also marks the last time I plan to run 26.2 for at least the foreseeable future. I’ll be sticking to half marathons as well as 10ks, 5ks, etc after New York. I feel blessed that I have been not only able to run four previous marathons, but that I have been given this amazing opportunity to run in the one place I’ve dream of. With my previous back injury, it is advisable for me to stick with shorter distances for awhile and give my body a break. God has been so good to me with running and I don’t take any part of it for granted.


Have you run your dream race? What was it? Share in the comments!


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