2021 BibRave Proud Summit

The Girl's Got Sole - 2021 BibRave Proud Summit

This past weekend, BibRave had our annual summit. Since we are still not out of pandemic mode, the event was virtual for the second year. I had a blast last year, and it was a definite part of my highlight reel for 2020.

The virtual summit was held through an app called Hopin. It was new to me, but I came to really like it. It is like Zoom, but has more options like a Networking feature, where you can chat one-on-one with other folks in your event. Really enjoyed being able to chat visually with my fellow BibRavePros in that way.

The Girl's Got Sole - 2021 BibRave Proud Summit

2021 BibRave Proud Summit swag!

On Friday night, there was a Welcome and Happy Hour session to kick the weekend off. It got me excited for the summit and the next day’s fun. We were able to hear from Team BibRave and then we broke down into smaller groups with our local BibRavePro Captains.

Saturday morning was my usual run with my group, but we were able to participate in a Scavenger Hunt 5k. The first 5k of my 7 mile run was the Scavenger Hunt through the Runkeeper app. I typically don’t use an app on my phone to track runs, but this was different. You started the virtual event, and then throughout the 3.1 miles, we received verbal cues with things to capture on the run. In all, there were 6 things to somehow capture photographically. It was fun trying to find ways to creatively take photos of all the hints.

The Girl's Got Sole - 2021 BibRave Proud Summit

Some of the fun pics taken during my Scavenger Hunt with my run group.

After my run, I was able to enjoy some time before the virtual sessions began on Hopin since I’m on Eastern time. A lot of our BRPs are on Central time, so the first session began at 1pm my time. It gave me plenty of time to have breakfast, shower, and take a nap. Three things I love post-run. ūüôā

The first session of the day was Ask Me Anything with Tim & Jessica, BibRave founders. This was a fun hour getting to hear them talk. Then, I attended the Social Media & Content Creation How-To with Laura, our Community Manager. That portion was an hour and a half long, and I really got a lot out of it. Definitely my favorite session of the weekend, hands down. Finally, I was able to co-host the Vlogging breakout session with my co-moderator, Ryan from our Slack channel. Ryan is the expert, and I’m the newbie to vlogging, but I’ve really begun to embrace video, and loved talking about it with my fellow Pros.

The Girl's Got Sole - 2021 BibRave Proud Summit

Ready to take notes during the social media session.

There were other sessions on Saturday for the specialized channels, like Foodies, Book Club, Peloton and Injury Chat, but I didn’t attend those. I had to get out and run a few errands after the Vlogging session. That evening, two of our BibRavePros hosted a Trivia Night, and again, I was sad to have to miss it.

On Sunday, the sessions didn’t begin until 2pm, so I got in a bike workout and had to get some other things done around the house and go back out to finish my weekend errands. My errands took longer than expected, so I missed out on the DEI Council Discussion, so I hope to learn more about that in the coming days/weeks.

The weekend concluded with the Farewell and Zestie Awards. BibRave leadership chatted with us about how we felt things went, we were able to ask questions, and had some laughs. Then, I received a Zestie award! This is an award given to BibRavePros who have been a Pro for 5 years. I am honored and blessed to be a part of the awesome BibRave family.There are many other ambassador groups out there for runners, but BibRave is unique and special, and not all of them out there are like that. It’s a community that I love and hope to be able to be with for many more years to come.

The Girl's Got Sole - 2021 BibRave Proud Summit

With my Zestie Award!

Special thanks to Science in Sport and Knockaround for sponsoring our 2021 BibRave Summmit!


If you would like to learn more about being a BibRavePro, feel free to drop me a message! I’m on Instagram, Twitter or you can email me at girlsgotsole@gmail.com. You can also check out https://www.bibrave.com/bibravepro for more info.

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