2019 NYC Marathon Lottery is Open!

The 2019 TCS NYC Marathon lottery is now open! The lottery period begins today, January 14th, and closes on February 14th (drawing is on February 27th). Will you be applying to run the Big Apple on November 3rd?

The Girl's Got Sole - 2019 TCS NYC Marathon lottery

After being blessed with getting into the 2015 TCS NYC Marathon and 2017 TCS NYC Marathon races, I can tell you it is a race like no other. Running through those five boroughs is an experience that can’t be compared to any other feeling in the world. It is truly the best race in my opinion… well, other than the Boston Marathon anyway. Of course, I have yet to run Boston, and I’m a New York girl. 🙂

If you get into the 2019 TCS NYC Marathon, you will be amoung over 50,000 runners hitting those amazing NYC streets. In 2018, there were 50,773 finishers surrounded by over a million spectators along the course. You truly feel like a celebrity when you run the NYC Marathon.

Other ways to get into the TCS NYC Marathon are through the NYRR 9+1 program, achieve a qualifying time, or via a charity partner. Running for the NYRR Team for Kids charity can get you entry today.

The Girl's Got Sole - Apply to run the 2019 TCS NYC Marathon

So, are you applying this year? Good luck to everyone entering the 2019 TCS NYC Marathon lottery!

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