2017 TEAM 413 GraceRunner Journey

The Girl's Got Sole - GraceRunner Journey

This Memorial Day Weekend, one of the biggest, most important fundraisers takes place for TEAM 413. The annual GraceRunner Journey began today, and runs through June 4th. Your participation and support is needed to help keep the team’s ministry going.

Each year, the journey is slightly different for virtual runners/walkers, but the goal to raise important, needed funds for the TEAM 413 ministry. You can commit to anything from a 5k distance through a challenge that includes 5k, 10k, Half and Full distances. Then, run and/or walk your miles anytime between May 26th and June 4th.

No matter what distance(s) you opt to participate in, everyone gets great TEAM 413 merchandise.
5K = TEAM 413 Cinch Bag
10K = TEAM 413 Cinch Bag and TEAM 413 Grab Bag
Half = TEAM 413 Race Shirt
Full = TEAM 413 Race Shirt and TEAM 413 Cinch Bag
JOURNEY CHALLENGE (5K, 10K & Half) = TEAM 413 Race Shirt, TEAM 413 Cinch Bag, and TEAM 413 Grab Bag
GRACERUNNER CHALLENGE (5K, 10K, Half & Full) = TEAM 413 Race Shirt, TEAM 413 Cinch Bag, TEAM 413 Grab Bag and a
special TEAM 413 Surprise

Your support donations go directly into funding TEAM 413 GraceRunner Ministries daily operations and event expo booth costs. The ministry being out and present at races and other events helps continue to spread the glory of God!

You can sign up for the 2017 TEAM 413 GraceRunner Journey virtual event here. Let’s continue to spread the great Word of God throughout the running and endurance community through TEAM 413.

The Girl's Got Sole - Team 413

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