2017 NYC Marathon Training Update #3

16 weeks until the 2017 TCS NYC Marathon! It sure is getting closer. Yesterday, I ran 14 miles, and boy was it a hot one! The summer is tough here in Florida when you are training for a marathon. Always a steamy humid time for running down here.

The Girl's Got Sole - Orlando Galloway 4am group

The 4am group

We started at 4am, and it was already 86% humidity. I was already dripping with sweat within the first half mile. Had a variety of miles that morning for my group. Some needed 6 miles, others 8 and 10 miles, and myself and one other runner friend, were out there for 14 miles. So, we had two start times with a drop-off/pick-up after 6 miles, then returned to the school (our meeting location), and went back out for 8 more miles. There were break-offs for the 12 milers once we hit one of our water support stops.

On a cool note, when I was heading to the run, the song, Fearless by Jasmine Murray came on the radio. Truly a sign from God, I believe that. Brought a smile to my face. The song has become a favorite, and even more meaningful right now since I’m running NYC with Team 261 Fearless.

The Girl's Got Sole - Cady Way Bridge group

6am crew on the Cady Way Bridge.

I used Generation UCAN almost exclusively on this run. I really wanted to see what it can do for me on a run. Following the directions, I had a scoop 30 minutes before the run, and then had another bottle mixed up with a scoop and a half of SuperStartch in it. I put half of that in my bottle to sip on during the run. I felt really good during the first 6 miles drinking it and some water at our support stops.

On the second portion of my run, I refilled my belt bottle with the remaining UCAN and continued sipping it. During those 8 miles, I was still feeling good. I did eat half of a Bonk Breaker once I hit 9 miles. When we finished all 14 miles, I felt like I fueled well. Didn’t need anything else (note: I did have 3 salt sticks during the whole run).

My only issues on this run were the heat, which while I don’t like, I am getting more and more used to as it happens each summer. The other issue was I got a nasty blister on my left foot. Despite following my normal long run prep that morning, a blister formed on the bottom of my foot between my big toe and second toe. Those last 4 miles with the blister were anything but fun.

Girl's Got Sole - Group shoe shot

On the blister front, I rarely get them anymore since I started using 2Toms Blister Shield. My routine has been to put on Sports Shield, then the Blister Shield powder in each sock before a long run or race, half or full marathon. I also am sure to wear Feetures socks, which have proved successful for me. Unfortunately, this time, despite my best efforts, a cruddy blister happened. What I think happened, was wearing new shoes (my usual Brooks Adrenalines, but only having put 3 miles on them before my long run) accompanied with newer Feetures socks and the heat may have caused just enough rubbing. No good for sure.

Another thing I have noticed marathon training in the Florida humidity is that I tend to get heat rashes from my calf sleeves. Happened when I training for NYC in 2015, and it happened again this past weekend. I’ve come to just accept it’s an issue I’m just going to have to deal with training this time of year.

Girl's Got Sole - Jenny & I post-run

With Jenny after we ran our 14 miles.

Finishing the 14-miler, I felt good (minus the blister LOL), and was happy with how the run went. Even more thankful that I have such a great running group to train with. I’m definitely a social runner, and these friends help keep me going out there on the roads.

Next up, I’ve got 17 miles on July 29th. Miles are going up!

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