2017 NYC Marathon Training: It Begins!

The Girl's Got Sole - 2017 NYC Marathon training

Now that May is here, training for the 2017 TCS NYC Marathon has begun! Less than 200 days until race day… more specifically, there are 184 days until that glorious Verrazano Bridge starting line.

With this being my second time around training for the NYC Marathon, I admit, it feels different. My excitement for the training and big race is still there, but now that I’ve done the race, I feel like I’m more experienced. Having run the five boroughs, I know a bit more what to expect and how to better train this time around.

I have to admit, knowing more is a mixed bag for me. It makes me both more at ease and nervous at the same time. Might sound funny, but that’s the truth. Right now though, I’m more on the contentment side of things. We shall see how that goes this summer. 🙂

The Girl's Got Sole - NYC boroughs

Since I just ran Star Wars: The Dark Side half marathon at the end of April, I’m in a good place with my mileage base. I took it easy last weekend though with a 5k, so I will be running at least 6 miles this Saturday. Planning on doing an 8-miler on May 27th. That will get me set for my first double-digit run on June 17th.

The new season of Orlando Galloway Marathon Training kicks off on June 4th. We usually have a shorter run on the first Saturday of each season, so June 10th would be at least 6 miles. As a pace group leader, I will get a chance to see the official training schedule on May 20th, where our Program Director has the marathon runs set for, date-wise, so I look forward to that. That will firm my training schedule up.

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On another note, I plan on starting some video updates this month. While I love to talk about running (and almost anything else, LOL), I am not as comfortable on video. I hope my training updates and such will get me more comfortable with that.

I previously used this youtube channel, so not sure if I will start a new one or keep the same one. Likely the latter, but will post once I’ve got the first video up.

Looking forward to training for marathon #6!


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  1. An ideal schedule and plan for the upcoming race. There is a lot of time, so enjoy and try harder. Looking forward to hearing from you the latest news 🙂

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