2012: What a Year It Was

As I look back at the last year, I see a lot of good things that I’ve accomplished. Sure, there have been some tough times, but they always come with the good. We can appreciate all the good stuff so much more because of the times when things haven’t been so great.

In 2012, I came so far with my running. I ran three more half marathons, as well as a few other distance races. I learned a good deal when I started with the Galloway training program in June about my favorite sport. I learned that it’s not always about being fast, as long as you are able to get on the road and run, that really is the most important thing. I feel blessed to have been able to get back something I love so much.

I love living in Orlando

Back in April, I finally moved back out of my parents house again. I had been there too long since coming back from North Carolina in December of 2008, so the time was more than right. It was great to get back out on my own again, and it makes you appreciate your family more I think.

Mocha, always in my heart

While a lot of good things came in 2012, the one thing that was not in that category was Mocha Moo’s passing. On January 5th our beloved African Grey went home to heaven. It was a very difficult time for me and my family. She was such a blessing to us all for over 19 years. Mocha will always be in my heart.

Some other things that are memorable from 2012 for me:
–I became a FitFluential Ambassdor!
–P.R. at the OUC Orlando Half Marathon!
–Was able to work from home
–Got to see Mandisa, Jamie Grace and Laura Story in concert for my birthday
–Started cooking more (always a good thing)

How was your 2012? I’d love to hear about your memorable moments.

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