2012 Has Arrived

The new year has arrived and with it, a chance to get things accomplished that we haven’t in the last year. I am not one to make resolutions because I don’t necessarily believe in them. I do make goals for myself though. For some, resolutions and goals are pretty much the same thing. But, I think of goals as achievable challenges I have set for myself. Or at least challenges I work to achieve.

In 2011, I was a procrastinator when it came to my writing. I did not write as much or as often as I should have. I blamed not being inspired or have a “block” for not writing when I failed to do so. Ironically, I don’t really believe in writer’s block per say anymore. What I do believe in however, is lack of inspiration or motivation. Those two things were factors in both my writing and photography time in 2011.

Another excuse I put out was that I’m still stuck in Florida, a place I do not want to be. I would convince myself that I was not writing because Florida no longer was a source of inspiration for me. Sure, maybe that is a small part of the complete picture, but who am I kidding? A writer should be able to write anywhere. That’s one of the great things about the craft. All we need is a pen and paper and we can be off creating worlds. There is not much needed to get our story written.

That brings me to 2012. A new year is like a new, freshly unwrapped slate that you just bought at the store. It’s ready and waiting for you to decorate it with words. That’s how I see my writing life from day onward. No excuses or squirming out of not getting something down. It doesn’t matter if I simply write from a prompt, I will be scheduling time into my week just for writing. Accountability is now in place. I have put time on my calendar for it, just as I do for my running. It’s time to get my work out there again.

As far as my photography, that too is getting more attention. At least every other week, I will go out just for my photography. If I can find time more often, even better. And, I will get the photos I’ve taken up on my flickr account as well as deviantart. I also hope to get some photography freelance work in 2012 for both publications and taking pictures of families and people for extra income. I really enjoy people photography and miss doing it as much as I used to.

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