17 Mile Run is Done!

I conquered the 17 mile distance this morning. It feels good when you reach a milestone in life and this was no exception for me. This run made me believe that I can indeed do a marathon early next year. Something about this run just made me really feel good about doing a full marathon.

I got up early this morning, and I mean EARLY. My group leader, Molly wanted to start at 3:30am (yes, she’s crazy, but hey we love her) so that was that. If I wanted to get my long miles in, I had to bite the bullet and get my butt up way frickin early! The alarm went off at 2:45am and surprisingly, I was okay with it. Well, as okay as you can be with getting up before 3am on purpose. I got myself dressed and headed out the door 20 minutes later.

A quick break to pose with the purple dinosaur at the park. Impromptu fun makes the run even better!

When I got to the school, I met up with Molly and three other runners. A few minutes later, we were off! It was pretty cool at first, and I was glad that I opted for capris and my arm sleeves. I did wear some cheap gloves, but it wasn’t long before I shed them and stuck them in my race belt. The arm sleeves went up and down 2-3 times as I got warm or cooler feeling (love those things!).

My feet tend to always take the brunt of the runs lately. Specifically my toes. I’ve realized that I sometimes tend to curl them when I run, so I’ve been trying to pay attention to not do that. However, I do still tend to have 2 or 3 toes that hurt by the end. I’ve been using Body Glide before every long run (well, anything longer than 3-4 miles), but the toe thing as well as some blistering seems to be unpreventable. Might try actual vaseline next time, see if it makes any difference.

Silliness is required when celebrating a milestone run.

So, the run went well. I felt as though I could have gone on longer by the end which is a good sign. My Breast Cancer Marathon (26.2 with Donna) training schedule had me set for 18 miles today, but since I missed the 16 mile week, I didn’t want to overdo it. Now, I’m only a mile behind schedule for the long miles which is not too big of a deal since the marathon isn’t until February. I’m definitely glad that I got this run done, makes me feel accomplished. ūüôā


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