14 Mile Run In The Books!

This morning, I tackled my longest run to date, 14 miles! With my marathon training really in full swing now, this was a big one for me since I hadn’t run more than a half marathon before. Overall, I was looking forward to the run, but I knew it would be a challenge. Thankfully, my Galloway group is an awesome support system.

The run started at 4am, there were about 6 of us from my group, Dream Chasers. Some of the runners started even earlier, as they had 16 miles or more to get in. I was feeling pretty good and ready to go.

The first half of the run went well, I was feeling pretty strong and energized. I took a Hammer gel at about mile 6 1/2 having had a couple of Clif Shot Blocks around mile 3. I was having some great conversations with my fellow runners and it was great.

Once I hit mile 7 or thereabouts, my legs began to cramp up, specifically my calves. I took a Hammer Endurolyte hoping to wade off some of the cramping as I was only halfway through my mileage. It was about mile 8 that I slowed things down some. Up until that point, I had been running 1:1 intervals. Upon backing off with a couple of my group members, I went down to 30 seconds of running with one minute of walking. I wanted to just get the miles in, wasn’t concerned with being slower.

It’s funny how things change on that front. When I started with the Galloway training program in June, I was all about speed. I wanted to be faster, doing my runs at a better pace. Now, I’ve learned that slow and steady the best way to go. It’s not about how fast you run the training runs, it’s about just getting the miles in.

I ended up running about 14 1/2 miles in all this morning. And, while my feet hurt, I felt so accomplished for it. And, especially grateful to my group for helping me get through those miles. It really feels awesome to do a milestone run.

Post run with fellow Dream Chaser, Maryjean who ran her most mileage this morning of 18!


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  1. There is something to be said for running milestones… especially when you do them with friends! That’s a boat load of miles! Way to getafterit!

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