12 Random Thoughts About Dialogue

1. Keep your characters ignorant. Don’t play the scene as if the character knows the ending before it happens.

2. Become the character.

3. It’s not the transcript. Take it slowly when writing dialogue. Include dialogue important to the story.

4. Make every word count.

5. Realistic dialogue involves rising conflict.

6. More on why less is more.

7. Writing dialogue is a multi-draft thing.

8. Yes, you can use adverbs – judiciously.

9. Avoid repeating what the reader knows.

10. Stick to the people you know.

11. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

12. Trust your taste.


12 Random Thoughts About Dialogue — No Comments

  1. When I try to explain dialogue to people, I usually say something like “Just talk like people do in real life!” and then wonder why no one gets it.

    You’ve taken that concept and broken it down beautifully. If you ever have time, I’d love you to drop by the Uninvoked forums and share with us some of your words. You are clearly an intelligent writer and we’d love to have you.

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