10-Miles Conquered!

Despite my struggles with being sick this year (bronchitis and now a bad cold complete with sinus congestion), I managed to get myself up at 5am on Saturday and get moving for my long run. At first, I wasn’t so sure that I would be up for it, but once I woke up some, I realized I wasn’t too bad off.

I meet my group at 6:15am and ended up walking most of the first mile with a couple of the ladies. One of the girls was new to the group, so it was nice to chat a bit before I took off on my own. I knew not running hardly at all during that first mile would affect my overall pacing, but at this point, I just wanted to get it done. As long as I did it, I could deal with the slower pacing I told myself.

This run was also my first one with my new Garmin Forerunner 405 watch. I did some reading up on it in the couple of days prior, but I was still hesitant to do much with it during the run. I was afraid of trying to switch screens for fear that I would lose my current run, so I just kept it on the main training screen which has my current lap pace, time, and distance. That worked out fine though.

After two stops to refill my handheld water bottle and what seemed like forever, I did it, I ran 10 miles! And, honestly less for being really hot (it was humid as heck out), I didn’t feel too bad. My cold even seemed to have taken a hike. Well, it did just for part of the day anyway (it has since seemed to have made it’s return with a vengeance). It was definitely a proud moment for me when I completed this run. Sure, I have walked 10 miles before and of course did the Space Coast Half as a power walker, but doing it as a runner again is a great feeling.

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