10 Gifts for Runners


The gifting holiday is now upon us. Whether it’s Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa, you have gifts to buy for your loved ones. If you have a runner in your life, this is the gift guide is for you. I’ve included 10 ideas that your endurance athlete is sure to enjoy.

1. Fitletic Belt. This is the best running gear belt out there for runners. There are more than ten types of belts that are all customizable with add-ons like hydration bottles, phone pouch, or a sunglasses holder. Perfect for the marathoner. Prices range from $18.95 – $45.95.


2. GymBoss Timer. An interval timer that is can be set for one or two intervals up to repeat 99 times. The timer can beep, vibrate, or both. This is the tool used by Jeff Galloway method runners as well as runner who use any sort of intervals when they run. Check out my review for the GymBoss interval timer for more info. Price for the classic timer is $19.95.


3. Crazy Compression. The funnest compression socks and calf sleeves out there. They have designs for everyone (including a holiday collection), and they make solid colors for those who just prefer the one color look. Prices range from $9.00 – $30.00.


4. Skirt Sports. So many options here for the runner girl. Skirt Sports makes skirts, capris, tights, tops, and more. Use discount code, SSGGS20 for 20% off your order. Or, if you can’t decide what would fit best, you can buy a gift certificate. Prices vary depending upon the gear, but start at $25.


5. NightRunner shoe lights. Lights that attach to the shoelaces on a runners shoes and light their path up to 30 meters. The lights also instantly alert motorists, making the runner more visible. A great, hands-free way to run in the dark. Previously reviewed on the blog here. Price for the shoe lights is $59.95.


6. Road ID. An essential for runners, period. THE ID for athletes of all kinds, especially runners and cyclists. An ID runners can carry as a bracelet, anklet or on their shoe as they are out running. Lists the runner’s name, location, emergency contact names and phone numbers as well as any important allergy or blood type info. Prices range between $16.99 to $29.99.


7. Feetures Socks. A runner’s favorite sock (well, for this runner it definitely is). Feeetures have high-density knitting, seam-free toe, power bands of lycra and a y-heel contruction on every sock. The socks come in multiple different styles and types to fit a runners need. And, they come with a lifetime guarantee. Prices range from $11.99 to $14.99.

8. PR Soles Sandals. A recovery sandal that just feels amazing after a training run or race. They provide a massaging action through trigger points that improve circulation by stimulating blood-flow. This helps reduce tension and swelling as well as alleviates foot, leg and back pain. The sandals aid in helping a runners feet and legs recover more quickly. Product review for the PR Soles flip flops can be read here. Price for the flip flops is $24.99.

PR Soles

9. Addaday Massage Roller. Self-massage tool that helps release muscle and tendon adhesions as well as provide a daily realignment of joints for a runners recovery. The gears are specially designed to be abrasion free, encourage blood flow and are light weight. Addaday makes eight different kinds of rollers, four of which are actual roller sticks. Read the previously product review for the addaday roller. Prices range from $39.00 to $47.00.


10. Massage gift card. This is a gift that every runner will love. Everyone loves a good massage, especially a runner. There are many massage spas, including the well-know, Massage Envy. Prices will vary depending upon where you go and what sort of massage service you choose.



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  1. Ok I just love those socks! I want them all. But what I want most is that massage gift card. After teaching 10 fitness classes a week, I just want to relax for a one hour rub down! And then nap afterwards haha.

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