Global Running Day 2016

Global Running Day

One week from today is Global Running Day. This is the date set for people around the world to celebrate the joys of running. To be a part of the event, you just need to pledge to take part in some form of running activity on June 1, 2016. You can do it alone by running in your neighborhood, or by joining one of the many scheduled runs all over that day. Over 150 countries and 1.5 million people are taking part in this big day!

Here in Orlando, Track Shack is again taking part in Global Running Day. Previously, the event was known as National Running Day, but it has evolved to become global. Hey, the bigger the better! I have run with Track Shack during National Running Day for the last three years. It’s always a great time with fellow runners. There’s nothing like celebrating the awesomeness of running with our own “holiday!”

Running Day 2015

2015 National Running Day at Track Shack.

Speaking of National Running Day, it was created in 2009 and held on the first Wednesday in June. Organizers include the New York Road Runners, Boston Athletic Association, Running USA and USA Track & Field. Not only has National Running Day become Global Running Day in 2016, but it’s the first year of the Million Kid Run. Inspiring kids to embrace running as a way to get healthy and fit. As of this post, over 365,000 kids have pledged to run on June 1st, but the goal is to reach 1 million kids!

To pledge to run, all you have to do is head over to the Global Running Day website. On the event website, once you pledge to run, you can make a personalized bib, social media badge to share on facebook, twitter & instagram, and join the strava challenge.

Run Day badge

So, are you going to pledge to run on Global Running Day?

Team 413 GraceRunner Journey

Team 413 GraceRunner Journey

You’ve seen me wearing the Team 413 shirts on some of my runs and at races, it’s an organization I love. Team 413 is a ministry that believes Jesus Christ is at the heart of every athlete. It’s based upon the Philippians 4:13 verse, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. The ministry stands behind the belief that God gives us the courage to start, the perseverance to continue the race, and the strength and power to finish strong.

Each year, Team 413 does a virtual charity event. The event takes place during Memorial Day Weekend, May 27th-30th and is open to all friends of Team 413. The GraceRunner Journey 2016 is actually run as a relay by a group of Team 413 Ambassadors whose goal is to run as many miles as they can. During last year’s relay, the team Ambassadors ran over 900 miles! I took part in the virtual event last year as well and it’s such a great way to support this ministry. You can register to be a part of the GraceRunner Journey virtual event for $25 or $40 with a tech shirt included (to be sent later).

Running NYC for Team 413

During the 2015 NYC Marathon, running under Team 413.

If you would like to help Team 413 but don’t want to sign up to run or walk this coming Memorial Day Weekend, donations are also welcome. Every dollar you donate goes to help with operational funding, the Team 413 vehicle and internships. The group is entirely funded by YOUR donations and the products for sale at race expos and in the online store. If you are looking for a cause to support that glorifies God in the endurance athlete community, Team 413 may just be something you’d like to get behind.

Head on over to the Team 413 website to learn more about the ministry, or to register for the virtual event and/or make a donation, go here. If you would like to donate under my participant page, that would be great as well. I know I would appreciate any donations that I can help direct to the ministries. Again, this is a group, a team that I love and am so glad to have discovered three years ago at a race expo.

Team 413

When the going gets tough…

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Or, at least that’s how the song and old saying goes. Yesterday, I had one of the hardest runs I’ve had in I don’t know how long. I was tired, hot and my legs were begging me to stop. It felt much more like I was running a half marathon than an easy 8 mile training run.

tough runs

Runs that suck just happen. I think having them makes us appreciate the blessing that running is more. When we are out there and it feels we will never reach that finish line, or back to where we started (and where the car is parked), I know I feel tougher. Okay, so at the time, I just feel exhausted and secretly am praying for the ability to fly. But, when I’m done and I can look back at how much it took out of me both physically and mentally to get the run done, it’s a great experience.

NEVER regret getting out the door to run. I constantly remind myself that not only is it a blessing to be able to run, but that it takes a few bad runs here and there to better respect the good ones. We remember our great and “easier” runs much more clearly than the two or three ugly ones. Funny how I can’t recall the last ugly run, but I always recollect the good ones. And, most of my runs are that latter category.

Group post-run

Group post-run. Can you tell it was a hot one? Ha.

I’m also thankful that I have a great group that I run with three times a week. We motivate and push one another out of our comfort zones regularly. The support system of these friends is priceless. Running friends just get each other. When I’m out there with them, I feel as though I can do more than I could alone. I believe because of them the motivation to get up early in the morning and hit the road when most people are still in bed is strong. It doesn’t matter if I don’t feel like I want to run (a rarity, but can happen), knowing they are waiting for me gets me out of bed and out the door.

It’s important to get back out there for your next scheduled run after a bad one. Looking back at what may have been the cause(s) of the bad run helps as well. Did you eat and hydrate properly beforehand? Did you get enough sleep? Knowing why the run may have gone bad can help improve future run issues. Or, maybe it was a mental struggle. Training is both physical and mental, you need to work on both areas. I know Saturday morning’s run was a combination of not getting a good night’s rest and the heat. I knew starting out the run that I didn’t have a good night’s sleep, so it definitely contributed big time to my tiredness. After over four years of being a distance runner, I have learned that I rarely sleep well the night before a long run, but I was a bit surprised I had issues sleeping before a run that wasn’t really “big.” But hey, things happen and we learn from them.

Goucher running quote

When was the last time you had a bad run?
How do you push through them?

Five for Friday 5/20

Friday Five

Happy Friday! It’s my favorite day of the work week, mostly because I have the weekend off. Next Friday will be better, since it’s Memorial Day weekend, meaning a 3-day long one! Things have been okay lately, not great, but okay. I’m pushing through the rough days with my exhaustion and all. I know I can get through it with God’s help. All things are possible with God!

1. Galloway training season. It’s on the horizon! Our Fall training season kicks of on June 4th, which is just over two weeks away. While I don’t have any marathons set (yet anyway), I do have some Fall half marathons I’ll be training for. I’m excited about coming back to my 5th season with Orlando Galloway, and my third as a group leader. My running training group is awesome, and while the hot training runs can be brutal, they are the people, the friends that make it all worthwhile. I can’t recommend running with a group more, it’s really a great, fun time!

Galloway girls

With two of my fellow Galloway girls after a run.

2. Discount Codes page. I just added a page for current discount codes. I’ll post any discounts I have for running gear as well as races. Check it out, I’ll be sure to keep it updated regularly with any new discount codes that I am able to let you know about.

3. Team 413 GraceRunner Journey 2016. Each year, Team 413 does a 72-hour relay with the ambassadors to fund the ministry. It is being held Memorial Day weekend in Florida. Friends of Team 413 can support the amazing organization by signing up for the virtual event and/or by making a donation. Money raised goes to supporting operational funding, the Team 413 vehicle and internship. I will be running that weekend here in Central Florida myself as I have signed up for the virtual event. You can also sign up to run/walk for $25 per person or $40 including an exclusive GraceRunner tech shirt. If you register for the virtual event, you are also eligible for random prizes daily. Please do check it out and sign up or donate to the amazing cause if you are able.

Team 413

4. Be a BibRave Pro! You’ve seen some of the awesome things I’ve had a chance to be a part of being a BibRave Pro, want to join the fun? Ambassador applications are open right now for more Pros! Head over here to fill out the form to apply to join the team! It’s so much fun and the friends I’ve made are so awesome!


5. Weight Loss Update. I have been doing well with my eating for just over two weeks now. I’m logging my food again through MyFitnessPal going on 19 days. I feel a lot better overall, but the scale doesn’t seem to be budging. That said, I think feeling better and having my clothes feel a bit better again is also a success. I’m going to continue to work on losing 5-8lbs (8lbs would be ideal, as it would get me back to where I was about a year ago). It’s not an easy journey, but I don’t plan on giving up anytime soon. I’m a part of an online support group as well called Fit.Church and they are awesome. It’s a combination of spiritual and fitness healthy support. Let me know if you are interested in learning more about it, I will get you connected with the group.

Have a great weekend! Anyone running any races?
Or, any exciting things going on?

Mental Health Awareness Month

Each year, millions of Americans face living life with a mental illness. One in five is affected by some kind of mental health condition. Not to mention that every American is somehow impacted by these invisible illnesses through friends and family. May is designated as the month to promote awareness of these health conditions.

Mental Health Awareness

As someone who has dealt with depression, anxiety and ADHD for many years, it’s something most of us deal with silently. We tend to hide our problems and pain behind closed doors and you may not even be aware of a friend suffering from a mental illness. If you have never dealt with it yourself, understanding what we go through can be key in knowing just how to speak to and be there for a sufferer. Your very supportive presence can help the person from being completely consumed by depression, anxiety and even suicidal thoughts. Sometimes, all that is needed is for you to be there, holding us and letting us know how much we mean to you and other loved ones. It’s your listening ear that can be priceless when we are fearful or crying as we try to get through hard times.

Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of... be #stigmafree Click To Tweet

During my hardest moments, just having my family and friends there to talk to and comfort me. The not judging me or feeling the need to assume they understand my upset and other emotions is big. Something like depression isn’t always explainable to a non-sufferer. I can cry for no reason at all, or feel like I can’t do regular everyday things, it means the world that a supportive loved one just tells me it’s okay. To tell me that it’s alright that I don’t want to leave the house or that all I want to do is sleep.

Stigma mental illness quote

Just because we don’t “look” sick doesn’t mean we aren’t. Depression, schizophrenia, anxiety and other mental illnesses are invisible to most. The person may experience feeling excessively sad, prolonged feelings of anger, confused thinking as well as concentration problems, changes in eating and sleeping habits and avoid social activities. Once diagnosed, treatment can include medication, counseling, social support and education. There is no “one size fits all” treatment plan, everyone is different.

— Approximately 1 in 5 adults in the U.S. —43.8 million, or 18.5%— experiences mental illness in a given year.
— Approximately 1 in 25 adults in the U.S. —10 million, or 4.2%— experiences a serious mental illness in a given year that substantially interferes with or limits one or more major life activities.
— 6.9% of adults in the U.S. —16 million— had at least one major depressive episode in the past year.
— 18.1% of adults in the U.S. experienced an anxiety disorder such as post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder and specific phobias.
— Only 41% of adults in the U.S. with a mental health condition received mental health services in the past year. Among adults with a serious mental illness, 62.9% received mental health services in the past year.
— Half of all chronic mental illness begins by age 14; three-quarters by age 24. Despite effective treatment, there are long delays—sometimes decades—between the first appearance of symptoms and when people get help.

Mental health facts

My depression and anxiety issues generally stay under control thanks to medication. I regularly have check-ups with my doctor to re-evaluate and see if we need to re-adjust. For example, a couple of months ago, another minor medication taken at bedtime was added to my treatment. It has seemed to help take some more of the edge off I was experiencing at the end of last year. That said, I still go through days and times where I feel numb. Thanks to a great, loving group of family and friends, they keep an eye on any changes I have mood and behavior-wise. I’m blessed to not have experienced any extreme episodes in quite some time, and I don’t want to do anything to harm myself. It’s very important that everyone suffering from mental illness has a strong support system behind them. I am thankful for mine everyday.

If you or someone you know is suffering from a mental illness and need help, PLEASE reach out and ask. It can be and is a rough road at times, but you can get through it. Below you will find some great resources, groups that are available for assistance. You can also help those dealing with a mental illness by spreading the awareness. Use the hashtags, #mentalillnessfeelslike or #stigmafree throughout social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

Mental health awareness

NAMI: National Alliance of Mental Illness
Mental Health America
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Product Review: Buff UV


Disclaimer: I received a BUFF UV to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

As a BibRave Pro, I’m fortunate to be able to try out some really neat running products. The UV BUFF is the most recent product I’ve been able to try. The last few years, I’ve been all about my favorite headband made by Bondiband, and nothing else. While I still love Bondiband, I’m now branching out to check out other kinds of headbands and things.



The BUFF is so much more than a headband of course. It has many ways to wear it depending upon both your style and what you might need it for. There are at least 12 ways to wear an original BUFF. Who knows what a creative-minded athlete might be able to do with one?! That said, the possibilities could very well be endless.


My UV BUFF kept me cooler on this 10k run.

If you happen to be unfamiliar with BUFF, the company invented the tubular head-wear category more than 20 years ago. That Original BUFF product has since progressed into the latest line including technical fabric innovations that athletes and outdoor enthusiasts can trust. The company strives in remaining true to their heritage of quality and craftsmanship in every product they produce.

I love the many design options out there for BUFF’s UV line. Having to choose just one was definitely a challenge, especially since I’m all about matching my accessories. When I saw that BUFF has a NYC Subway UV BUFF, I immediately knew it had to be mine. Having just run my dream race at the 2015 NYC Marathon, I’m still on my NY kick. When the BUFF arrived, I was thrilled with how awesome it was. The design is just like looking at a NYC subway map and the material of the BUFF is extremely well-made.


The detail on the NYC Subway map is so awesome.

So far, I’ve worn it on a few runs as a headband. Here in Florida, it’s likely to be the most-used method in the icky humidity. Once I get it on and set how I like it on my head, it stays in place and it’s comfortable. I don’t feel it after wearing it a bit and I do believe it keeps me cooler while I’m out there running. Even when I wear a visor, I always have a headband on underneath, so a headband has just become a must for me as a runner. What’s so great about the UV BUFF is that it blocks 95% of the sun’s UV rays which is big for us here in the Sunshine State!

My other favorite ways to use my BUFF are as a wristband and as a neckerchief. I haven’t tried the hat liner method of wearing it yet, but I’m going to do it for sure soon, as I think that will work out great. I also look forward to wearing my BUFF as I get more into trail running and when I do run in cooler weather when I can use it as a neck gator or face mask. I also recently got a BibRave BUFF, so if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you will most definitely see some of my summer running photos wearing the BUFFs.


Rocking the UV BUFF at a local 5k.

Be sure to join this Tuesday’s #bibchat on Twitter, sponsored by BUFF! The chat takes place on May 17th at 9pm Eastern. Make sure to follow @BibRave and @BUFF_USA and participate to possibly win a BUFF of your own!


Ella the guinea pig loves BUFF!

Check out some of my fellow BibRave Pro’s BUFF UV Reviews:
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**Miles of Abbie**

Faith it till you make it

faith it till you make it

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “fake it till you make it.” That’s what came to mind when I found myself in the dumps yesterday. I’ve been fighting some inner struggles with my depression, thyroid and general super exhaustion. My fatigue got so bad yesterday that I couldn’t make it through the work day. So, I logged off at 12pm, and crawled into bed.

At my age, this shouldn’t be my life. I shouldn’t feel so drained and out of it that my bed is my happy place. But, it’s become just that. I can go to sleep, wake up an hour or two later and yet STILL feel like I haven’t slept. It’s a crappy way to live. In all honesty, it flat out sucks. I want to live my life “normally,” (well, whatever that is for me, ha) wake up each day ready to work and do what I have to do. When you feel drained of energy, it becomes a fight with yourself. My body is fighting with me to feel good and live my life in some sort of happy way.

I don’t know if my extreme exhaustion has to do with the depression, thyroid or something else entirely. Being so fatigued is always what beats me down to my core. I can handle and deal with a lot, but not being able to function during the day and my body wanting to sleep when it shouldn’t is hard. I know I’ve gone through fatigue before, but it always feels like it’s worse than previous experiences. I’m sure it’s not any worse than I have pushed through previously, but dang does it get me.

Pooh quote

The depression issues themselves are also at a point where they need addressing again. I am numb. Numb to just about any and everything happening around me. Emotions are hard to come by lately. I don’t feel sad, nor do I feel happy really. I find myself kind of in a funk where my daily routine comes in. It’s almost like I feel like some kind of zombie just rolling out of bed every morning and getting things done because that’s the way it is. While those sorts of days come along, it shouldn’t be everyday.

I am priding myself on being honest here on my blog, that wasn’t always an easy thing to do. I want to be someone others can feel inspired by, but I’m nowhere near perfect. I’m blessed in a lot of ways, but we all have hardships. Some are more physically visible, while others are “invisible illnesses” like I have. God has been amazing in my life and I know these issues that I deal with are for a reason. It can be hard to understand why at times, but I have to let my faith in Him guide me. I am also thankful to have some great people in my life who have and continue to support and be there for me when I need prayers or just someone to talk to.

This morning, I had a eye-opening experience during my run. One of the girls wanted to run a longer interval than we have been doing lately consistently. It was a push for me, but I didn’t give up even though my legs wanted to do just that. By the end of the 3 miles, it became clear to me how that run was a metaphor for what I’m going through right now. I was leaving my comfort zone with the run, pushing myself. Life’s hard times can be a push when the going gets tough. I need to remember how strong I truly am. Heck, I’m a marathoner… if I can run 26.2, I can do anything…with God’s help of course. :)

With God all things are possible

Going forward, I’m adopting the saying, faith it till you make it. With God, all things are possible! I truly believe that.

Is Weight Loss a Never-Ending Struggle?

Weight Loss Struggle

This week, The New York Times published an article about a weight-loss study done with former The Biggest Loser contestants. A six-year study was conducted with season eight contestants whose finale was back in December 2009. The project was headed by a federal research center scientist, Kevin Hall who came up with the idea of measuring what happened to people over the years following large weight loss that involved intensive dieting and exercise. In a nutshell, the results were both “frightening and amazing,” according to Dr. Hall. It showed how hard the body will fight back against weight loss.

It’s all about resting metabolism, which determines just how many calories a persons when at rest, not doing anything. For the former Biggest Losers, at the start of their season, despite being extremely overweight, they had normal metabolisms for their size. What that means is that they were burning what was expected calorie-wise for people of their weight. By the end of the show however, their metabolisms had slowed down dramatically and their bodies weren’t burning enough calories to maintain their new sizes. According to researchers, pretty much anyone who loses weight deliberately, no matter what they start at weight-wise, will end up with a slower metabolism when the diet ends. So, the slower metabolism aspect isn’t the surprise, it is the fact that the contestants metabolisms never seem to recover as the years went on post-show.

For the majority of the season eight contestants which the scientists studied, the pounds just kept coming on for them. What the research found was that their bodies almost seemed to rebel against them no matter what their efforts were to maintain their weight loss. Someone like Biggest Loser winner Danny Cahill now has to eat 800 calories LESS a day than someone would of his size, and that’s after gaining over 100lbs back since 2009. Crazy, isn’t it? The article goes on to talk about others in the study who have gained weight back, all burning FEWER calories a day than they should be for their size, no matter what they might be. The only contestant in the study that has seemed to do well post-finale weight loss is Erinn Egbert, who now weighs less than she did at the finale. She now burns 552 calories less per day than her current weight should, and she struggles greatly to maintain her current weight of between 152 to 157lbs.

Battling a slower metabolism after weight loss, new study of former Biggest Loser contestants.… Click To Tweet

The study is proving that is TRULY is harder to maintain a weight loss than to lose it. Especially, as the years go by. I have related so much to the former Biggest Loser contestants because I’ve been where they are (well less for the show experience obviously), so I understand so much of the struggles. The season 8 group became one I related to a lot since I reached my goal weight in September 2009, not long before Danny, Amanda, Tracy and company had their December finale. I’ve found myself struggling to keep in a weight-range I want to be in, especially in the last couple of years. Recently, it’s been harder. Maybe the whole metabolism slowing down can help me understand why I can workout so hard and eat about the same calories and yet find that I’m at a standstill.

Slow metabolism

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no where near perfect, that extra 100-200 calories here and there does happen. But, if I am burning less calories a day now than I used to, it might mean that I need to really be more serious than ever on what I put in my mouth. Erin also stated in the New York Times article how a treat can turn into a binge over a three-day period. I can’t tell you how much I related to that when I read it. I have experienced exactly those feelings and binges myself. It tends to happen on a Saturday, after a long run or race when it does for me. It will start with one treat after, and end up being an all-day thing. Food was, and always will be a battle. Food logging and ensuring that I am balancing calories in and out has to be on point, period. Especially if my RMR is slower than it once was.

I’m not going to use this possible information as a reason for why I struggle with maintaining and losing weight now. Nor do I use my under-active thyroid as one. But, I think knowing these things helps me see that I’m not crazy and it’s just how it is going forward. Some of the contestants related this line of thinking after the study results. It’s about knowing what you have to work through to get to where you want to be. If you want to be healthy and fit, you CAN do it. Austin Andrews from season 11 of Biggest Loser had this to say on his blog, “When we take this journey one step at a time I believe we make clear, focused progress towards our goals, and I believe there is hope for us to become healthy.” I love what he had to say, do check out the post as well.

For everyone like me who are on this fit journey, we need to continue to believe in ourselves and what we have done and are capable of doing. I remind myself of how much I’ve been able to achieve because of the grace of God and getting healthier and fit. Even if the continued journey will be a hard one, it’s worth it. I would much rather be the person I am today than the person I was before it all began in late 2008.

What are your thoughts on the new six-year study of former Biggest Losers?
Are you on your own healthy fit journey? I’d love to hear about it in the comments! Let’s support one another!

Product Review: Orange Mud HydraQuiver

Orange Mud HydraQuiver review

Disclaimer: I received an Orange Mud HydraQuiver as part of being a BibRave Pro. No other compensation was received, and all opinions stated are my own. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!


Orange Mud. It’s become one of the most known companies for high-quality hydration packs for athletes. Their philosophy is very simple, make the most efficient, well crafted, locally sourced gear. The HydraQuiver is the flag ship hydration pack series. There are four different types currently in the line. As a BibRave Pro, I was able to review the single-barrel HydraQuiver pack.

The HydraQuiver is hydration pack that holds a single 25oz water bottle. The pack has thick foam padding and big air channels which help provide ample support and maximum breath-ability. There is also storage that allow you to store your phone as well as nutrition. In addition, there is a headphone port and a reflective logo for visibility in low-light situations.

My thoughts on the HydraQuiver pack are now that I really do like using it on runs. My first run with it was during a 5 mile trail race, and I immediately felt awkward wearing it. As someone who has never worn a hydration pack, it was just odd for me. I’ve trained wearing hydration belts and using handhelds for the last four years. Having something on my back just didn’t feel “normal.” By the end of the five miles though, less for some sloshing of the water in the bottle, I began to kind of like the hydration pack.


By the second run with it, during a 6 mile training run with my group, I found myself pretty fond of the pack. It was growing on me! No longer did it feel awkward to wear on my back, in fact I liked not having to hold a handheld bottle or wear a hydration belt. It freed up both my hands and I didn’t have the load of a belt around my waist. Oh, and no chafing issues what-so-ever! That’s always a plus (say no to chafing)!

I’ve since worn it a few more times and I can definitely see myself using my HydraQuiver pack during my upcoming training season as well as during some races. It’s a good alternative to a hydration belt and keeps my hands free which is a big plus in my book. I never thought I would be a fan of a hydration pack worn on my back, but the HydraQuiver is light at just 10oz with the bottle and you barely know it’s there once you get used to it.

Check out the Orange Mud HydraQuiver as well as the other hydration packs they have on their website. This may just be the solution you are looking for to stay well-hydrated as you are out there training for your next race.

**Don’t miss the Twitter #BibChat on May 3rd at 9pm Eastern. Orange Mud is the sponsor, and there will likely be a giveaway or two! You don’t want to miss the fun!**

HydraQuiver pack

Do you use a hydration pack when you run? If not, how do you stay hydrated?

Another Year Older

Today is the day I greeted the world in 1978. It’s hard to believe that I’ve been around as many years as I have…I definitely don’t feel like my age that’s for sure. How I’m another year older, I don’t know LOL. I was just talking to some of my running group about that during our last run on Saturday. We came to the conclusion that running and exercise keeps you not only fitter, but younger as well.

Another journey around the sun

The last year has been pretty great for me for the most part. I got into my dream race, got into the best shape before marathon training began, and then had a great training season. New York was an amazing experience for me. I didn’t do nearly my best time or performance on race day, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I look back on that day and the days before the race and after while up in New York as one of the best experiences of my life thus far. I already yearn to go back in 2017 and do it all over again. I realize you can’t relive a life’s dream like that, but I do want to run the five boroughs again. And of course, do it better the second time around. :)

Four months into 2016, I can’t say I know what this year will bring. There’s still more than half of the year to come, and I have been feeling like it was lacking the great excitement that 2015 had going for it. But, I’m working on remaining positive, you just never know what a day might bring. In fact, just the other day, I heard of a potentially incredible opportunity that might come my way in the next few months. I’m really hopeful it will pan out, as if so, it will be sooo awesome. Sorry I’m cryptic, but I promise to post about it all if things happen!

Act my age

What my 38th year will bring, I have not a clue. The only one that knows is God, and I need to continue to trust in Him to lead me where I need to go. There’s always ups and downs throughout our life, but He will never leave me astray. Here’s to a great next 365 days!