Half Marathon Training: 10 Mile Run

The Girl's Got Sole - Half Marathon Training

I came to the realization that I haven’t run a double-digit run since the Donna Half Marathon back in February. This may be the first year that it’s been months without running more than 6 or 8 miles. Not having run that many miles in 6 months made this morning’s long run a bit harder. Funny how your body loses that conditioning after so long.

The run started off great, we kept an easy pace, and the weather was actually nice for a change. It’s been so brutally hot and humid, and we had a bit of cooler temperatures. Well, cooler for Florida, anyway. It was 72 degrees at 5am, and that was appreciated. Did get hot of course, but all things considered, we lucked out. I think this was a post-Dorian weather change. Too bad it likely won’t stick around.

By mile 4, I felt my Plantar Fasciitis in my left foot complaining. I haven’t really had issues with it lately, so that was disappointing. I did my best to push through it, and I was thankful when it did calm back down a good deal a couple of miles later.

I took a gel at our water stop when we hit about mile 5 1/2, and I think that may have been a mistake. It was a caffeinated gel (I’m not completely using Generation UCAN anymore), and that was where I think I went wrong. Now, that I’m only drinking coffee and tea, my body has some issues with too much caffeine. That’s what those crummy energy drinks did to me, overdo the load of caffeine in my system. The gel was a bit too much for my body.

The Girl's Got Sole - Half Marathon Training

The last 1.5 miles were probably the hardest, even compared to the couple of miles I pushed through the PF pain. It was a mental game, and my body fought me on it. It wanted to walk more, but I wouldn’t allow it. I continued our 30:30 run/walk intervals and got it done.

When we got back to the school where we start our runs, I couldn’t have been happier. Tired, but a happy runner for sure. It was like seeing the finish line at a race. Such a beautiful thing. 🙂

The next two weekends are short runs of 6 miles, and I am thankful for that. Then, I’ve got a 12 mile run on 9/28, and a 14 mile run on 10/12. My first half marathon of the Fall season is on October 26th, the Lighthouse Loop Half Marathon. I’m looking forward to the race, it will be the third time I’ve run it.

Hello, September

The Girl's Got Sole - Hello September

Today begins a new month. September 1st has actually has been a common date I’ve learned that I’ve “restarted” a few times over the last few years. Last year, this was the date I moved to my current home in Winter Garden. It’s been my best move since my time in College Park almost 4 years ago. I am blessed to live in my current place, and I thank God for that.

Last month, August was pretty good. It had its ups and downs like most months, but overall, I have to say it ended well. One thing that stands out is that I gave up energy drinks three weeks ago this past Saturday. My runs have improved because of it. I don’t get those strange heart palpitations or shortness of breath feelings like I had been anymore. What it hasn’t changed is my energy levels overall. I attribute that to my Fibromyalgia. Some days are better than others with it.

As I write this blog post, Hurricane Dorian is still lurking. It has hit the Bahamas, and still has it’s eye on Florida. While the storm has shifted for my state, it’s still quite powerful. The news has reported it struck the Bahamas as a Category 5 storm. That is scary. Praying for the Bahamas and for us as it continues its track north.

This month, my goal is to ramp up my running mileage for the Lighthouse Loop Half Marathon on October 26th. Also, I have signed up for a local 10k, the Global Energy Race here in Orlando. Otherwise, it’s all about half marathon training and staying strong.

What goals do you have this month?

Run the Mount Dora Half Marathon

The Girl's Got Sole - Mount Dora Half Marathon

Disclaimer: I received free entry to the Mount Dora Half Marathon race as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review, find, and write race reviews!

Come out and join me the weekend of December 21-22nd and run the Mount Dora Half Marathon and 5k. I will be running the half marathon on Sunday. This year’s race marks my 3rd year in a row running the Mount Dora Half Marathon. It truly is a fun race event!

Race route for the half marathon takes runners through Mount Dora’s beautiful historic town. The half marathon is a single route route, with gently rolling hills in the first half of the course. There will be 7 water stations, 3 of which will also have Gatorade. The race will also have energy gels available at mile 7.

The Girl's Got Sole - Mount Dora Half

The event is limited to 1500 participants for the half marathon, so you’ll want to ensure you register soon. You can also do the Dora Double, which is the 5k on Saturday, and the half marathon on Sunday! Save 15% off registration with code BBRAVE.

NYRR Virtual World Championship 5k

The Girl's Got Sole - NYRR Virtual World Championship 5k

Disclaimer: I received free entry to the NYRR Virtual World Championship 5k race as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review, find, and write race reviews!

On August 20th, I ran my race for the NYRR Virtual World Championship 5k. The race window was August 16th-25th, so I had the opportunity to decide what date I wanted to do my virtual race. I run 3x a week, with Tuesday morning’s being a 5k with my group, so it worked out well to run it on the 20th.

With the NYRR Virtual Series with Strava, you have to either run the app during your run, or have your Garmin connected to automatically upload your data to your Strava account. Since my Garmin has issues sending runs to my Strava, I opted to just do a live tracking with the app that morning.

The Girl's Got Sole - NYRR Virtual World Championship 5k

The day I chose to run the 5k ended up being a “hill run” day for training. This meant it was a bit tougher of a run for me. While we don’t have many hills in Florida, we do have areas we use for hill training that are probably more like inclines. When you don’t train on hills enough, even those can feel hard!

I ran the 5k in 42:32, which was an average pace of 13:32/mi. Not my best 5k, but also not my worst. Honestly, I wasn’t setting out to “race,” even though the NYRR Virtual World Championship 5k was a race. I just did my best, and I’m good with my end result. If it wasn’t our hill run day, I know I could have done a bit better anyway. 🙂

The Girl's Got Sole - NYRR Virtual World Championship 5k

Running the virtual races are a great motivator as I train for my half marathons in the Fall. I also love NYRR, so anything I can do virtually from down here in Florida is nice. I’m a New York girl living in the Sunshine State!

NYRR and Strava have more virtual races coming, so be sure to keep an eye out! Some are free like this one was, others have a small fee. You can even qualify to run an actual half or full marathon in NYC through their virtual series program. Find out more on the NYRR website.

Workout Recap W/E: 8/17/19

How is it the middle of August already? Seems like this month is going by pretty fast. I do look forward to the cooler weather though… unfortunately, being in Florida, we likely won’t experience that until October. Maybe. I think the last 3-4 weeks have been some of the hottest, so I do look forward to cooler weather of any kind.

The Girl's Got Sole - Workout Recap 8/17

Sunday, August 11th – Gym bike workout of just over 8 miles.

The Girl's Got Sole - Sunday bike workout

Monday, August 12th – Bike workout in the gym for another 8 miles.

The Girl's Got Sole - Monday bike workout

Tuesday, August 13th – REST DAY (unplanned, but needed the rest).

Wednesday, August 14th – Since I rested on Tuesday, hit the gym for another bike workout for cross-training.

The Girl's Got Sole - Wednesday bike workout

Thursday, August 15th – Track Thursday. After warming up, did 2 miles of 400s.

The Girl's Got Sole - Track Thursday

Friday, August 16th – REST DAY.

Saturday, August 17th – Group long run. 8 great miles with my group. One of my better runs in awhile. I felt good!

The Girl's Got Sole - Saturday long run

How were your workouts last week? Anyone run any races?

2019 Fall Half Marathon Training Update

The Girl's Got Sole - Half Marathon Training

My Fall race schedule is close to being set. I just registered for Lighthouse Loop Half Marathon, which is on October 26th. I have run this one a couple of times before, the last was in 2016. It’s a fun race, but I recall it being pretty warm, hopefully it will be better this year.

I don’t have a half marathon scheduled (yet) for November, but I know I will do something. I’ve been considering the Florida Run at Lake Louisa State Park on 11/9 in Clermont or the St. Pete Run Fest on 11/16-17. The former is close by, so may go with that one. However, I hear great things about St. Pete Run Fest.

In December, I’ve got the OUC Orlando Half Marathon on 12/7, and the Mount Dora Half Marathon on 12/22. Both are races I have run and enjoyed. It will be my 6th OUC Half (ran it in 2012, 2014, 2015, 2017 & 2018), 3rd Mt. Dora Half (ran it in 2017 & 2018). Stay tuned for a blog post about Mount Dora! I am running it as a BibRavePro again this year, and will be posting a discount code soon for you to join the fun!

Training itself has been a bit rough, as it’s been super hot and humid during our morning runs. Despite running at 5am, Florida’s swampy heat doesn’t seem to give us much of a reprieve. I have also felt a bit off by the end of some of my Saturday runs, having to use my inhaler more. Hoping I can get better control over that as I ramp up mileage in the next few weeks. I want to feel good after more of my training runs again. 🙂

Get Your Run On With NYRR Virtually!

Disclaimer: I received free entry to the NYRR Virtual World Championship 5k race as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review, find, and write race reviews!

The Girl's Got Sole - NYRR Virtual World Championship 5k

I LOVE the New York Road Runners club. Yes, I know, I am in Florida, so I don’t get a lot of opportunities to run with the NYRR, but the virtual races change all of that. In case you aren’t familiar with the NYRR Virtual Race Series, they are races you can run at your convenience during a specified period of time. Sign up, connect Strava, and get out there and run!

The NYRR Virtual World Championship 5k is a fun competition to see which countries can get the most runners/walkers, as well as the top 10 fastest countries, fastest men, fastest women, and more! Leaderboards will keep you updated on all the action during the racing window. We aren’t all fast, so there will be a Lucky Leaderboard, something which NYRR is keeping as a surprise for now. But, sounds awesome!

Want in on the fun, FREE 5k? You know you do! First, head over to NYRR and create a free account if you have yet to do any events with them. Then, sign up for the general entry NYRR Virtual World Championship 5k. If you don’t have a Strava account, you’ll need to sign up for that as well. You will be connecting the two so you can track your 5k race. I recommend downloading and getting your Strava set up first before signing up for the race if you aren’t already a Strava user, as you will need to connect it to your NYRR account. Strava basic is free, so just go to the Apple Store or Google Play and download it and create your account.

The Girl's Got Sole - NYRR Virtual World Championship 5k

Once you sign up for the virtual race, you can also join the NYRR Strava Club as well as the NYRR Virtual Running Community on Facebook. I know I love being a part of communities for fun events, so you can motivate and encourage one another.

So, who is joining me and all the other thousands of runners for the NYRR Virtual World Championship 5k? Racing window is from August 16th through August 25th, so sign up today! As a proud Team USA girl, I am cheering for the red, white & blue! Come on, fellow runners and walkers (whether you are Team USA or not), let’s get out there and be a part of this awesome, fun 5k!!!

My Health Journey

The Girl's Got Sole - My Health Journey

I’ve decided to rename my journey to weight loss and my health to my health journey. It’s about more than weight loss, it’s a full circle thing for me. Health and fitness go hand in hand. While I strive to lose 8lbs, I also know I need to improve my overall health. I strive to feel my best every day.

A big thing that I am doing is getting off of energy drinks. Due to my extreme exhaustion, I have tended to lean toward the kick of energy I can get from a can of something like Bang or C4. That’s all changing this week. As of now, I’m no longer going to use them. Consuming them may be leading toward my increased heart rate overall and especially during my workouts. I don’t like feeling overly winded during a long run, and I am hoping dropping the energy drinks is just what I need to get rid of that issue. I know going back to just coffee and green tea is going to be hard for a few days, but hopeful it will be best for me in the long run.

Some good news on the weight loss front is, I am down a pound as of Saturday morning. I’m headed in the right direction on the scale, getting the number down! That means, I have 7 more pounds to go to hit the goal weight I would like to be at again. I am keeping that goal in my sights!

The Girl's Got Sole - My Health Journey

As I mentioned in last week’s Five on Friday blog post, I’m back on daily protein smoothies. I am having one every day for lunch, and I think it helps me feel better. This week, I am going to have either a smoothie for breakfast, or a bowl of oatmeal. That used to be my go-to breakfast, a nice bowl of oatmeal with some protein powder mixed in. It seems to keep me more satisfied until lunchtime. Keeping my appetite as suppressed as possible between meals helps me have better success on the scale.

My workout regime is staying mostly the same. I will still be running 3x a week (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday), and hitting the gym on Sunday and Monday. I do need to add back in strength training, so going to do my best to work that into my week. It’s been best to stick with Wednesday and Friday as my rest days. Fridays are a definite because I have learned I don’t do well on Saturday morning runs if I have worked out on Friday.

If you would like to follow my health journey, I am going to use the hashtag, #healthjourney on Instagram. And, if you are also on your own health and fitness journey, let me know! I’d love to help motivate you as well in whatever way I can!

Grab Your Capes, Seattle!

The Girl's Got Sole - Wonder Woman Run Series: Seattle

Disclaimer: I’m promoting Wonder Woman Run Series: Seattle as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to find and write race reviews!

Grab your capes, Seattle, because it’s time for the 2019 Wonder Woman Run Series! Run, walk, or do a combination of both for 13.1, 10k, or 5k miles. Your adventure will begin in Marymoor Park at 7am on October 6th. No matter what distance you decide for your journey, every superhero will be assigned a race kit to ensure your costume is fully complete and functional.

The Girl's Got Sole - Wonder Woman Run Series

You’ll want to ensure you snag your team for this race experience. Races are always more fun with friends, and even more-so with costumes! There will be plenty of awesome photo-ops to post all over your Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks. Best of all, photos are free! You heard that right, free! So, you will want to make sure your superhero poses are on point for race day!

Once you run your race, there’s a post-race party fit for a hero. Of course, more photo ops with that shiny medal you’ll be receiving as you cross the finish line! It’s all about fun, fitness and friends!

The Girl's Got Sole - Wonder Woman Run Series

Don’t miss out on running the Wonder Woman Run Series in Seattle! Head on over to the race website and register today! Use discount code WWBIBRAVE to save 10% off any race distance!

Five on Friday – 8/2/19

The Girl's Got Sole - Five on Friday

Happy Friday! After not blogging for half a month, I figured a Five on Friday blog post would be great right now. This gives me a chance to talk about a few things that have been going on.

1. Back on the smoothie train. As of today, I’ve gone back to making a smoothie for lunch everyday. I think this keeps me more in check and in a better place health-wise. I might do a smoothie for breakfast soon too, then just do an actual dinner. I just got some new vegan protein powder from PEScience called SELECT Vegan Protein. They have some awesome flavors, like Cinnamon Delight, which I am loving.

The GIrl's Got Sole - Vegan Protein Powder, Cinnamon!

2. New doctor. I finally found a new family physician on my side of town. I saw one of the Nurse Practitioners initially, and she was okay. After getting new blood work done, I saw one of the doctor’s on Tuesday. So far, I like him. He seems really into natural options and was encouraging. He gave me some ideas of books to read and told me I need to work on getting more sleep each night. He thinks that will help me more than I realize. Going on work on ensuring I get 7-9 hours every single night. It’s harder when I run at 5am the next morning, but I am going to work on making sure I am getting at least 7 hours of sleep going forward.

3. Fat Chance. Speaking of my new doctor, he recommended a great author for me to check out. I’m currently listening to the audio book for Fat Chance, by Robert Lustig M.D. It’s about sugar, processed food, obesity and disease. Thus far, it’s really good. He goes into facts and studies about our health and how sugar is such a problem for everyone. Dr Lustig is a Pediatrician, and has done his research.

The Girl's Got Sole - Fat Chance book

4. Music Study. I’m participating in a music study on Saturday! It’s for our local Christian radio station, Z88.3. I have done it before for the station, but it’s been awhile. Looking forward to listening to some music and helping make my favorite radio station even better!

The GIrl's Got Sole - summer training

5. Summer Training. Overall, my training has been going well this summer. I’m not able to consistently keep up with my speed work as much as I’d like because of my Fibromyalgia, but I am doing the best that I can. I’ve come to just be happy that I can get out and run, and am less worried about pace right now. I’d love to do another half marathon in under 3:00 hours later this year, and I haven’t given up on that goal. But, I’m listening to my body, and feel grateful and blessed for the good runs that I have had and that are coming.

What is something that you would share about your life lately? How is your training going? Anyone running a Fall Marathon? Chicago, Marine Corps or NYC?

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