The Weekly Pursuit #5

Pulse memorial sign

Sign at one of the Pulse memorials.

Just where does the time go? One minute it’s Friday night and the weekend stands in front of me, the next minute it’s Sunday night and time to get back to work again the next day. I had a pretty good weekend overall. Saturday morning started things off with my usual run. It was a short mileage weekend, so we ran 6 miles. I was definitely thankful for that because the weather was so so humid. It felt like we were running in the swamp or something. Less for the icky sticky weather, it was a good run.

Saturday run

Saturday’s run including a Kevin sighting (the peacock).

That afternoon, I went to lunch with a friend. We went to the Garden Cafe here in Orlando, which sadly was closing at the end of the day. The family that runs the Chinese restaurant has been running it for years, but their rent was going to be doubled, something they couldn’t afford. This leaves the Orlando area lacking vegan Chinese food, and I mean GOOD vegan Chinese food. It was like no other. They will be missed for sure. I was glad to be able to enjoy a last lunch meal there with a friend. I enjoyed my favorite Pepper Steak (they used mock meat which was amazingly close in taste) and a spring roll.

Pulse memorial

After lunch, we decided to visit a couple of the memorials for the Pulse victims. First we went to ORMC hospital where 49 crosses were brought to represent each life lost. It was an emotional experience seeing all the love that each person was receiving on their designated cross. Chaplains from a church in Ft. Myers were on-site to talk to anyone who might need someone, as well as offering ice cold water and Gatorade to those coming out in the 95+ degree heat. We then drove down the street to the Pulse nightclub itself which has become a memorial once the police re-opened the street. It is still fenced in directly around the club, but a large memorial has grown all week in front of the location.

Pulse memorial crosses

The Pulse club memorial itself felt more emotional for me. I think because I was on the actual site of the shooting. I found myself just looking at the club behind the fence and then again at the photos displayed of the victims lost that tragic night. All I could do was pray for the families and those close to them and hope that they feel the love and comfort surrounding them from the city of Orlando as well as all over the country. The love from everyone and prayer will get them through this difficult time.

Pulse memorial

On Sunday, I tried to sleep in. I say “tried,” because I didn’t exactly accomplish that. I woke up once at about 5am, then again sometime around 7:30am, and then finally gave up when I awoke at just after 9am. So much for a lazy Sunday morning of sleeping in. However, despite being upright, I wasn’t really feeling motivated enough to do much just yet. It took me a couple of hours to finally get my butt moving and out the door to the gym. Once I got there though, I got in 7 miles on the bike. I then had a smoothie for breakfast and got in my shopping at Whole Foods.

Once I was back home, I showered then put on the movie I had rented from Redbox the day before. It was 90 Days in Heaven, I had read the book, so figured I would check out the movie. Sadly, I was not impressed at all with it. It was barely like the book at all. The experience the author had in heaven was at the forefront of the book, but that’s not how the movie portrayed it. While it might have been a good movie on it’s own merit, it definitely wasn’t the book. If you have read the book, just know it’s nothing like it.

Bike workout

Sunday’s workout at the gym.

As far as this week goes, I am ready for it to be Friday already and it’s only Monday. Ha! That’s what happens when it’s a 3-day holiday weekend. I have a long run of 10-miles on Saturday, then I’ll be heading over to my parents for the weekend with my bird babies in tow. Still deciding on what to do on the 4th of July, but there will definitely be fireworks!

Weekly Pursuit

Looking at last week’s goals…

1. Orlando Galloway website. Finally got this done, yay! Took me til the weekend, but the updates are completed.

2. Hydration. I did a lot better on this last week. Felt better on my hot runs, so I know my efforts are working. Keeping it up!

3. Listening to my body. I did good on this goal as well. I didn’t overdo it and I felt better for it.

4. Logging my food. Didn’t do as good on this goal though. Logging was not happening like it should have been.

This week’s goals…

1. Hydration. With a 10 mile run on Saturday, this is important. Getting in at least 64oz of water a day is the number I want to hit.

2. Logging my food. This is the area I’m struggling in, my food. Need to log everything again, as it keeps me more accountable and successful.

3. Planking. Time to get back into planks! We were just talking about doing a plank after each run with our Galloway group, so while I want to do it daily, definitely want to shoot for doing it after runs for at least one minute.

4. Clean up my car. It needs to be cleaned up inside before I go on Saturday, so I need to get that done by Thursday or Friday at the latest.

What are your goal(s) for the week?
Any plans for July 4th?

OneOrlando Fund Run

OneOrlando Fund Run

Tomorrow, June 22nd, both Orlando and New York will host runs to benefit the OneOrlando Fund. Track Shack here in Orlando will host the OneOrlando Fund Run during it’s scheduled Wednesday evening run. FrontRunners New York will host the New York City Orlando Unity Run. Both events are free (RSVPing is highly encouraged), and Track Shack has #OrlandoStrong t-shirts for sale on-site at the event and in the store for a $20 donation to the One Orlando Fund. The runs are designed to honor the victims of the mass shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando that took the lives of 49 people and injured 53 others.

#orlandostrong shirt

Get your own #OrlandoStrong shirt from Track Shack.

Other planned runs include is the Orlando United 5k which will take place on Saturday, June 25th in Lake Mary, FL. The race being put on by Final Mile Management is also supporting the OneOrlando Fund and the actual 5k event sold out the physical race in less than a day. However, a virtual option is still open for registration. The virtual run is $20 and includes a t-shirt and medal.

The running community is amazing, most of us already know that, but during a horrible tragedy we come together big time. It’s great seeing how many running and non-running groups are working together to support the victims of the shooting. I know that the tremendous outpouring of support is appreciated by the victims families and those recovering from injuries.

You can make a donation to OneOrlando Fund here.

The Weekly Pursuit #4

I have been in such a weird funky mood today. It may have started with not getting a good night’s sleep before starting the Monday work grind. Never is good when you keep waking up tossing and turning and mind reeling. I just felt generally moody today, not to mention tired from the aforementioned lack o good sleep. Not even a sugar-free red bull seemed to help me today. Moodiness abound, I was thankful to have made it through the work day until 5pm. Then, I promptly climbed into bed and took a nap. Alas, no workout for me today, rest won.

Running group

Running Agents during our Saturday run.

This past weekend was pretty good. Saturday started off with an 8 mile run with my running group. Humidity is the new theme of all of our runs, so less for the whole heat thing, it went pretty well. It was the first run that I started to think that I was actually content with the fact that I’m not training for a marathon right now. For some reason, I seem to blank out how darn hot it is during marathon training this time of year. Thank goodness for our training program director who puts out ice towels for after our runs. They are heaven along with the ice pops. It’s the little things that are big things. πŸ™‚

Sunday was both Father’s Day and my mom’s birthday. So, I got up a bit earlier than usual (I tend to try to sleep in on Sundays), and headed to the gym for my workout. I then got showered and headed over to their house for the day. It was nice to spend time with my parents, though it was mostly with mom since we headed out to do a few errands nearby. I also got to spend time with the birds and guinea pigs which I always love. It was a nice day, I only wished it was a three-day weekend.

Weekly Pursuit

Looking at last week’s goals, I’ll be honest right off here, I didn’t do too well overall on them. Just didn’t seem to be a “normal” week. I’m sure the whole shooting here in Orlando didn’t help matters. The families have been on my mind a lot.

1. Hydration! I did better on this than I had been doing. So, I’m happy about that for sure. I still need to stay on it, as there’s always improvement that can be made.

2. Time with God. I listened to two sermons yesterday and loved them. My church Pastor has been talking about our gifts from God and I really enjoyed what he had to say. I want to do more study on what my purpose is, my gifts from God. Still going to work on improving my time with Him.

3. Orlando Galloway website. I didn’t get the updates done on the website that I needed to do. So, this one just didn’t happen last week.

4. Workouts. I did well on my workouts last week. I ran on Tuesday, did track work on Thursday, ran Saturday and got to the gym on Monday and Wednesday.

As far as this week’s goals…

1. Orlando Galloway website. I really need to get the updates done this week, so this is on the top of my to-do list/goals for the week.

2. Hydration. Again on the goal list for the week. Stepping it up!

3. Listening to my body. I am not the best at taking rest days all the time when I need them. For some reason, when I need an extra rest day, I tend to not be good at not working out.

4. Logging my food. I’ve been off on my food the last few days, so logging needs to be back on the list of must-do things. MyFitnessPal needs to be my pal again. πŸ™‚

positive minds quote

What are your goals for the week?

Five on Friday: 6/18

five on friday

Happy Friday! We’ve made it to the end of the work week! I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely happy for the weekend. It’s been a bit of a crazy week work-wise as well as otherwise. My ADD brain has been going in overtime it feels like. Not to mention how emotional the week has been here in Orlando.

While still praying for the families and the city and keeping them all in my thoughts, I have been trying to keep my usual schedule going and all. I’ve learned about some people I know that have connections to victims both that lost their lives and injured in the shooting, and that just makes it even more real when you realize how even closer the loss is.

On a lighter note, here are five things on Friday…

1. Embracing the track. This season, I’m working on embracing the track. We have the option to do track workouts on Thursdays during the training season, and up til now, I’ve pretty much avoided them. This season, that changes. The track work is what’s going to help me better my half marathon times which is what I want to do. I did my first track workout of the season yesterday and it was good stuff. Humid and all, but was good to get in something different and to challenge myself.

Track workout

Embrace the track.

2. Doctor visit. I went to the doctor on Monday to get the results of my blood work. Everything seems pretty much in balance less for needing to up my vitamin D. The thing about Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis though is that while it will appear to be under control through blood work, it likes to still bother you. So, the exhaustion is likely still due to my thyroid. However, my doc thought it was a good idea to get a sleep study done soon. Might help explain why I don’t get many good night’s of quality sleep with all of my tossing and turning. I also learned that due to my thyroid issues, it isn’t recommended that I donate blood. That just means that I find other ways to support causes that I want to help like after the tragedy here in Orlando.

Dad and I at a local Turkey Trot in 2013.

3. Father’s Day/Mom’s Birthday. This Sunday is not only Father’s Day, but it’s also my mother’s birthday. Two special days in one! I always have a hard time trying to figure out what to get my dad because he’s not the easiest person to get gifts for. Usually what I end up getting him is jams, coffee and hot sauces or the like. Or, some sort of blu-ray DVD. Right now, I’m still trying to figure out if I can do something “out of the box” this time around. Since I have Saturday to shop, I figure I’ll pick up something then. Mom’s birthday is also Sunday, and she’s easier to get things for. I’m sure it helps that we are closer than I am with my dad.

4. Girl’s Got Sole FB Page. In case you missed it, I’m giving away at least two SQoosh sweatbands once the blog’s facebook page hits 1k likes! The page is just over 700 likes right now as this is posted, so share with your friends who may like the blog. If you’ve never heard of SQoosh bands, trust me, you want one for your next run! They are THE best sweatband for runners.

Flip Flop Day

5. National Flip Flop Day. Today is National Flip Flip day, which is a day that all Floridians can appreciate. Some businesses are offering freebies if you come in wearing flip flops today. Tropical Smoothie Cafe, the business that originated the “holiday,” is giving away free smoothies. Head into Tropical Smoothie Cafe from 2:00pm through 7:00pm to get a free Jetty Punch smoothie! I don’t know about you, but I’m heading over right after work with my Oofos on! πŸ™‚

What are you doing this Father’s Day weekend?

Running in the Heat

Running in the Heat

The cooler temperatures of Spring are gone and Summer has officially arrived. It’s hot and humid out there, with feel-like temps getting up to 101 degrees! Here in the Sunshine State, the humidity has greeted us with it’s harsh conditions in the last few weeks. This means that as runners we need to take extra precautions to ensure our runs go as smoothly as possible.

Despite having trained in these extremely hot conditions regularly, I made a mistake on my run this morning. It was 81 degrees with a real-feel temp of 96 degrees (who knows what the heat index was). I was feeling pretty good, and made the mistake of going out too fast and then increasing my pace in the last mile and a half of the run. It was in that last half of a mile that I felt off. I felt weak and tingly. My chest just didn’t feel right, almost had a tightening feel to it. As soon as I returned to the school where we begin and end our Tuesday runs, I immediately had to sit down. I knew I wasn’t feeling right and thankfully, I had my training group there to help. They got me water and ice and poured water over me. 10 minutes or so later, I was a lot better. Goes to show that even when we think we are okay and consistently training, thinking we know what we are doing, we can still overdo it. Running in the heat is no joke, it is hard on our bodies.

This made me realize how important it is to remind ourselves about training in the heat. These harsh conditions during the hotter months this time of year require us to be aware of things we need to be doing to make our summer runs better. Getting heat illness and other heat-related conditions like dehydration can easily be avoided if we plan ahead and learn what to keep an eye on during our training.

Heat index during my run

1. Hydration. We MUST be staying well-hydrated during the hotter months of the year. It’s especially critical when it’s hot and humid outside. While we all have different needs for water intake (as well as other aids like PowerAde or Nuun electrolyte replenishment), a good rule of thumb is to be drinking half of your body weight in ounces per day. That tends to be the bare minimum and tends to be more in the summer. There are tools online to help figure out what your intake should be compared to how you sweat. As to hydration during your training, Jeff Galloway recommends we drink about 4-6oz of water every 20 minutes during a run.

2. Pace Adjustment. In the heat, we need to slow down our pace because our bodies have to work harder in the extreme temperatures. Per Jeff Galloway, he states we should slow down 30 seconds a mile for every 5F increase above 60F. We will end up losing performance time if we don’t slow down and risk pushing too hard on a run. Our muscles just aren’t as efficient in the hotter temps.

3. Run early. Whenever possible, get your runs done (or mostly done if long) before the sun comes up. While it’s still humid out, it is still cooler than when the sun comes out. Avoid running between 12pm – 3pm which is when the weather is usually at it’s peak where the heat is concerned. If you can’t run in the morning, run late in the day, in the evening hours when it will be cooling back down.

4. Protect yourself. Wear wicking/technical fabrics, dressing lightly as possible with loose-fitting clothing. Visors, but not hats, as you need to allow the top of your head to stay cool. And wear sunscreen to protect your skin from the rays.

5. Stay cool. Carrying a towel that you can continuously wet helps a lot in the heat. A hand-towel works well, but there are towels out there that get cold once you get them wet which really helps. Our running group program director puts out iced towels for us on long-run Saturdays and let me tell you, they are heaven when you are hot and sweaty. Also, ice pops are awesome during summer training.

Do you have any tips to share for running in the heat?

The Weekly Pursuit #3

This week’s pursuit post is a little late. I have been thinking about what I wanted to write about all day, and I’m still not sure I will be able to completely get it down. At least as well as I would like.

It’s been a tragic weekend here in Orlando. The shooting at the Pulse nightclub Saturday night has the city mourning. I’m experiencing an emotional roller-coaster of sorts. It’s as if I’m going through the stages of emotions of grief. I sat watching the news coverage most of the day on Sunday, the words and images circling in my brain. Since I was in Kissimmee at my parents house, it just didn’t feel “real” in a way to me, it was too shocking. Denial. That’s what I was feeling, that numbing feeling that it wasn’t happening, this thing couldn’t be happening in my city.

city full of love

Since driving back home Sunday night and seeing downtown Orlando, a wave of sadness came over me. My stomach twisted up in knots that my city was no longer the same. Innocent lives were lost for no reason. Another horrible act of terrorism that we cannot understand…understand the whys, the hows, the reason why another human being would attack others out of nowhere. While I want to feel anger at this man who shot all of these people, for some reason, that is the one emotion I can’t experience. There’s sadness and empathy for the families, but I believe that I can’t do anger because it just won’t help. Anger equals hate, and that just isn’t what God wants. We need to come out of this horrible tragedy with love in our hearts. Love one another, no matter what color, culture, sexual orientation, or religion. Love is love.

Before the tragedy happened, I had a great Saturday and weekend going. I didn’t hear about the shooting until I woke up on Sunday morning since it actually happened in the early morning hours of Sunday. Saturday was the first group run of the new training season for Orlando Galloway. It was our first run with the new pace groups. This season, I’m co-group leader for Running Agents. I’m still with Molly (been running with her since 2012, she helped trained me for my first marathon!), so this marks going on five seasons with Orlando Galloway. We have 17 runners in our group including four group leaders (the other two GLs are Linda & Melissa who are group leading for the first time) at this point. This number tends to change, especially the first few weeks with folks re-doing magic miles and changing groups. But, I like that it’s not as large of a group as we had last season.

Orlando Galloway 2016

Awesome group photo taken before our first Saturday run.

Our first group run went well. There were about 9 of our group present, with a few who couldn’t make it out. We enjoyed a beautiful sunrise as we ran our short run (ha yeah, the first run of the season is always short to get everyone used to things), and I got to know a bit about the group as I rotated through during the run with my co-group leaders Linda and Melissa. We have five marathoners this season, and everyone else is training for half marathons. What’s exciting is that one of the girls is training for the NYC Marathon, and since it’s so fresh in my mind having run in back in November, I look forward to helping her out all that I can. I may not be running 26.2 miles in 2016, but I am excited to help my group train for their marathons.

After the run, I grabbed a smoothie (a must-have post run now for me), and met up with some of the others in the program who were having breakfast nearby. There was a bit of a meeting for the couple of group leaders who missed our meeting last weekend. While they met, I was able to show one of the girls some things on our training group website. It’s just not enough to run with these people, it truly is a social thing! Having breakfast after is pretty common every Saturday after the long runs. I mean hey, you gotta eat anyway right? Might as well have some awesome friends to hang with!

Running Agents group

I then went home to clean up before heading over to my parents house. As I’ve said before, I love visiting my parents, and I’m thankful they live about 45 minutes away. They have two birds and my mom has two guinea pigs in which I love seeing as well. There’s nothing like getting some love and cuddles from them. Family time always includes the feathered and furry creatures for me. πŸ™‚

Unfortunately, I didn’t get enough of what I had hoped to get done this past weekend. I got thrown off on Sunday with the news and waking up with a splitting headache. I was so out of sorts that I didn’t even get out to the gym, which is abnormal. I pretty much never miss a Sunday, that is unless I have a race. But, the day just didn’t go like I had thought it would, and it became a rest day in the work-out department.

That brings me up to today, Monday. I was actually off from work due to having a doctor’s appointment. I could have worked part of the day, but in all honesty, I was happy to just take the whole day off. Who doesn’t want a Monday off anyway? Not much going on that was new from my doctor per my recent blood work results, which was good news. It doesn’t really answer why I’m so darn exhausted a lot however. It came down to the conclusion it’s just my thyroid being my thyroid and maybe my vitamin D levels, which was really the only thing I need to work on. We did discuss doing a sleep study, so that is something I’m going to look into. I do have trouble getting a good night’s sleep, which could be the reason why I’m so sleepy when I shouldn’t be.

the weekly pursuit

Looking back at last week’s goals…

1. Water intake. I did a lot better with my hydration last week. I didn’t always count my ounces like I should, but I know I was doing okay since I was running to the bathroom a lot. LOL!

2. Sleep. Improved on this one from a couple of weeks ago, but since I’m still tired a lot, it’s something I think needs continued work and a sleep study which I just spoke with my doctor about today.

3. Group runs. The first run of the season went well! We didn’t get to run last Tuesday because of Tropical Storm Colin, but I got my magic mile done on Thursday morning. So, good week all in all.

4. Time with God. I didn’t read my Bible like I wanted to, but I did talk to Him more and my relationship is improving. Will continue to work on this goal as an on going effort as it’s very important to me.

This week’s goals…

1. Hydration! I’m planning on doing 10 miles with some of my group that’s needing long miles this coming weekend, so water intake is even more important if I’m going up in mileage. It’s hot out there, and staying/keeping hydrated is so so important here in Florida.

2. Time with God. Setting a reminder on my phone this week to ensure I don’t NOT have time for God. Not finding hte time is just not an excuse. God doesn’t forget about me, so I need to make the time for Him.

3. Orlando Galloway website. I need to finish updating some things on our training group website in the next day or so. I had hoped to have this done by Monday night, but time flies…

4. Workouts. Plan is to run three times this week, with one run being a track workout. Then, hitting the gym twice this week for cross-training.

MLKjr quote

What are your goals for this week?
How was your weekend?

Pray for Orlando


What a tragic weekend in my city. I am deeply saddened by what has happened between two events this weekend. From the shooting at The Plaza on Friday night to last night’s shooting at the Pulse nightclub here in Orlando, it’s all horrific and sad. We need to pray for the families, pray for Orlando.

Let me say this, I don’t care if the victims of the shooting last night were straight, gay or transgender…however you identify yourself, it’s a horrible tragedy, period. In my mind, I do not believe this is a hate crime. It is a terror attack on Americans, on the people. It is an attack on US, it is an attack on this nation. People need to stop separating people upon their ideals, and just band together. We are all one.

God loves every single one of us. I dislike hearing that God doesn’t love someone because of their way of life. It’s not our place to judge someone else. We should all simply love one another. Let’s get rid of the hate and just love one another. It’s such a simple way of thinking, but really it does come down to that. Let’s be humble and just love our fellow man and woman.

love one another

Please pray for our nation, and especially pray for Orlando right now.

Magic Mile take 5!

This morning at the track, I ran my magic mile for my fifth season of Orlando Galloway. My fifth season of Galloway training. Definitely nice to have been doing something going on five years! I thank God that I have been able to run since 2012 after my back injury. Jeff Galloway’s run/walk/run program has a lot to do with me being able to become a runner again and a five-time marathoner.

Jeff Galloway training

Since I didn’t do my magic mile on Saturday at our season program kickoff event, this morning was my day. There were some other alums and new members also running their magic mile this morning, so I was not alone in the slightest. I was both looking forward to doing my magic mile and not all at the same time. I suppose there’s a love/hate (or at least dislike) sort of relationship with the magic mile. At least for me there is. I love knowing what my fitness level is, but having to run so hard for a mile isn’t always the funnest thing in the world.

In case you are unfamiliar with the magic mile, it’s a group placement and predictor tool for Jeff Galloway’s training program. Jeff has learned that by running a time trial of a mile, it can be used as a way to predict how you can perform at different distances as well as what you are capable of. For the training program, it helps place you in a pace group for the long runs.

one mile

This morning, once I did a couple of laps on the track with some of the girls to warm up, it was time to get this thing done. I lined up at the “start” with one of the girls who was hoping to run about my pace and we took off (started our watches of course). Four laps of the track are a mile, so I was hoping to keep around a 2:30 per lap pace or thereabouts. My watch showed we were pretty right on pace after that first lap. I could feel the push in my legs as I got in my second and third laps. By the fourth and final lap, I began to give it all I had left in the tank. I finished my mile in 10:13, which is so so great for me. My best time ever since I joined Orlando Galloway. The group I’m a pace group leader for this season is from 10:15-11:00MM, so it’s nice to be at the top of the pace chart. Heck, I would have been happy with a 10:30. LOL!

Looking back at my last four seasons of magic mile times, I’ve really improved each season which is just how it should be with Jeff’s program as long as you are staying fit and consistent with your training. My first magic mile back in 2012 was 12:30, my second in 2013 was 11:04. That first to second season was a great improvement. Then my third season’s magic mile was 10:48, and last year’s was 10:40. While I didn’t improve much from season three to four, it’s nice to see that’s changed for the better now. I think the fact that I was doing marathons and not working on my speed like I should have had to do with the lack of much improvement on my time.

magic mile time

Magic mile is done!

This season my plan is to embrace the track. Embrace the speed work. I’m not normally a fan of the track, but I need to learn to love it…or at least like it. This is what I did last season with hill training. I wasn’t really into doing hill work, but since I was running NYC, I knew it was important that I did anything I could to prepare for those bridges. I still didn’t do as much as I would have liked or should, but I found that hills aren’t so bad after all. Now, it’s onto that speed work on the track in 2016!

National Best Friends Day

best friends

Happy National Best Friends Day! Where would we be without our awesome friends? I don’t even dare to guess, as my friends mean a lot to me. They say friends are family we choose for ourselves, and I couldn’t agree more. A good friend is a very special thing.

I’m blessed to have had some amazing friends in my life. Sure, some friends come and go through the years, but the true ones stick around through thick and thin. They are there for you when life is at an all time high, and still right by your side when it’s low, down in the mud pits. A friend cares and is there no matter what.

running friends

Here’s the thing, today is National Best Friends Day, while August 7th is National Friendship Day. Today is supposed to honor that special one or two best friend(s) in your life. I’ve found that as I’ve gotten older, I don’t so much have one best friend, I just have good friends. The title of “best” sort of changes for a lot of people are we get older I think. It’s not so important to me to have best friends as it is to have true friends. Sure, some friends are closer to us than others, so maybe those would be considered our best friends?

Deb is one of my besties whom I've known for about 10 years.

Deb is one of my besties whom I’ve known for about 10 years.

I love all of my friends, and find a special close bond with the ones I’ve known for many years. The longer you are friends with someone, the closer you become with one another. Psychologists say that if a friendship lasts longer than seven years, it will last a lifetime. Now, THAT’S a best friend. πŸ™‚

Many of my running friends with Orlando Galloway have become close friends of mine. I’ve been fortunate to have shared friendships with them for over four years. I like to think, or hope that at least a few of these friends will become forever friends. Having run many miles through the summer heat and in the dark early morning hours with someone really is a bonding experience like no other.

Running friends are fun and crazy like me. :)

Running friends are fun and crazy like me. :)

So, I like to send out love and appreciation to my friends, both local and whom I’ve been blessed to have connected with via the internet. Each day I wake up, I know I thank God for my friends and the times we have and continue to share.

Do you have a best friend(s)? Share about them in the comments!

The Weekly Pursuit #2

I’m back for the second installment of The Weekly Pursuit! This past week was a mixed bag for me of good and bad. Mostly good which is a big thumbs up. That said, I will note right off the bat that my goals weren’t completely successful, but I’ll get to that shortly.

Skirt Sports Ambassdor hat

My Skirt Sports Ambassador trucker hat arrived on Saturday, love it!

Last week included Global Running Day and the kickoff for Orlando Galloway‘s new training season. With the running excitement going on, that alone made the week pretty great. And, having it be a four-day work week was nice even if it felt like those four days were long when I had to work. Ha.

My workouts went pretty well. I did miss my Tuesday morning run due to not getting to bed early enough on Monday night, but the remainder of the week was successful in getting my scheduled workouts in. I ended up having a horrible headache, which was likely a migraine on Tuesday. The thing just wouldn’t go away, and I had to work until 5pm as we have to work our full shift after a holiday otherwise we won’t get paid for the holiday. Once it hit 5pm, I immediately crawled into bed and just slept. It honestly felt like the longest day and then night, because I was up a number of times with the crummy headache.

Gym workout

Gym workout on Wednesday morning, felt so grateful.

Thankfully, I woke up a bit after 6am on Wednesday and felt a good deal better. I was extremely thankful and grateful that my prayers for relief were answered. Since I was feeling better and up early enough, I got dressed and headed out to the gym for a bike workout. It felt good to get in a workout after resting the day before and all the stress of the headache and having to work. I rarely have horrible headaches like migraines like I used to which I’m always thankful about. When I was younger and even in my 20s, I used to deal with a lot of headaches, especially migraines. They truly are the worst.

Wednesday night, I went to the Global Running Day event at Track Shack. The weather was hot and humid, but we lucked out in that we had a bit of light rain which felt great. The only bad thing was that it was thundering as well and I never run outside when it’s thundering and lightning. But, there wasn’t any lightning, so we were safe. As a runner, I love Running Day each year. It’s important to me to get out there and at least put in a couple of miles for this sport that I love so much.

Global Running Day run

Global running day was a fun time.

I debated on running with the girls on Thursday morning, but since I only ran 2.20 miles the night before, I wanted to get up and get in some miles. Also, I missed that I didn’t get to run with my friends on Tuesday morning. It was a humid morning, but we got in 3.1 miles and it was a good run. Friday was a rest day and I was so so happy when the work day was over and the clock hit 5pm.

Saturday run

Run before the kickoff event with Orlando Galloway on Saturday.

The weekend began with running as it always does. I ran 5k with Connie and Lisa before our Orlando Galloway summer season kickoff event. I loved that we got the option of a Galloway training visor this year as an alum. Last year, we got a hat, so after getting three tech shirts, my fourth and fifth seasons were head-wear which I love. The visor is great for us here in Florida since I prefer to run in a visor with the heat. As I previously posted on Saturday, the kickoff event was followed by our Group Leader meeting. It was a long morning, but I was doing what I loved, so I most definitely won’t complain! A nap definitely happened though when I got home after my shower! πŸ™‚

Sunday consisted of sleeping in (after waking up a few times considering getting up) until around 10am. I then lingered around the house until I pushed myself to get dressed and head out to the gym. Even though I’m dedicated to getting my workouts done, it’s not always easy getting out the door. I think we all struggle with that sometimes. My bike workout was made great when I discovered my favorite movie on TBS, Back to the Future. Before I knew it, I had gotten in over 8.5 miles on the bike. That was a motivating workout for sure! I then did some errands before heading back home and doing a big cleaning of my bedroom. I threw out a lot of crap which is so good for me. I’m a bit of a clutter bug, so I will keep things thinking I might “need” them. I went through a lot of things and filled up three trash bags. Great way to end the weekend and start the week!

Weekly Pursuit

Now, onto my goals and how the ones from last week went and what I’m putting on the list for this week. Irregardless of how well or not I did on a goal, it’s important that I stay accountable. I’m not perfect, neither is anyone else, so we live and learn!

Last week’s goals…

1. Water intake. Mixed results on this goal. I didn’t do as well as I needed to, but that’s okay. It’s a work in progress!

2. Time with God. I did better with talking to Him, but I didn’t read the Bible like I wanted to do.

3. Sleep. Goal was to get to bed by 10pm every night. I would give this a 70% success rate. So, I did better on getting my sleep in, making it a priority, but not 100%. I did put my phone away though every night!

4. Listen to my body. Much better on this one that I have been doing. I listened when I needed to skip the Tuesday run, so I felt that I’m getting more in-tune with it as time goes on.

This week’s goals…

1. Water intake! Yup, this one is DEFINITELY back on the goal list. I should be chugging so much that I’m visiting the bathroom constantly. LOL!

2. Sleep. Another one back on the list. I’m going to shoot for 10pm again, but I know it will be hard at times. But, it can be done! I just need to make it a priority.

3. Group runs. This is the first official week of the new season of Orlando Galloway training, so getting out to those runs is important. I need to get to know the new members of the group and such. The first few runs are always important in getting to know the new group I’ll be running a lot of miles with.

4. Time with God. An important one back on the list. Going to read my devotional each day and spend time talking with God. I have a number of things I need Him to lead me on, and I need to spend more time talking and listening to Him.

Switzer quote

How was your weekend?
What are your goals for this week?